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Friday, June 22, 2012

Enter an enchanting voyage that unfolds beneath the soaring tides of foreign waters; there awaits lost Spanish galleons abounding with treasure boxes full of traded jewels from all across the continents. Armenta engages a reminiscence of noble heritage in Spanish culture and literature that have marked a certain old world charm - both real and imaginary - remain objects of fascination for centuries.
Each meticulous design is expertly hand crafted with precious metal and distinctly intense gemstones creating an enigmatic appeal. The Style Editors are in love with Armenta's handpicked stones such as: labradorite, malachite, lapis, rutilated quartz, black and white diamonds set in signature combination of yellow and black gold; constructed into masterpiece earrings, rings, necklaces, and pendants especially for the romantics at heart.
With avid fans like Queen Rania of Jordan and Halle Berry, there is no question that adorning yourself with Armenta's jewelleries betokens immaculate grace with a timeless ladylike panache.

Available at LaPrendo Fullerton



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