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Monday, March 11, 2013

Genius ideas are often over looked but it is impossible to miss a diamond amongst mere stones. Choices by DL elevates ‘transitional dressing’ to a whole new, luxurious meaning; offering hardworking fine jewellery series, both beautiful and cleverly thoughtful for every modern woman.

Trained at the Fashion Institute of Amsterdam, Debora Leeser masterminded the idea of interchangeable jewellery and patented it under the wing of her family's support in the Gassan Diamonds Company. The future is looking bright with this groundbreaking technology, packaged in timeless designs to last for generations.
Imagine having an endless jewellery wardrobe to fit every occasion. A neutral acquamarine ring for your casual outings could be upgraded into a lavish agate piece with diamond-encrusted frame fit for evening dress codes with just a swift change. 
Well imagine no more, as each piece consists of three individual elements: the core body, the bezel, and the coloured stone to then be assembled with a magnet and bayonet mechanism. The possibilities are endless, therefore making Choices by DL jewels transcend trends and time.

(clockwise from top left)

(clockwise from top left)
Dynamic, creative, and charming – Choices by DL’s designs are reminiscent of 1970s mood rings, however far more substantial and fashion forward, making every bijou tender, intimate - and ultimately, personal. So what are you waiting for? Start your own 'jewellery wardrobe in a box' by visiting our Fullerton Jewellery Shop today! 


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