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The Saint Laurent Music Project

Friday, April 19, 2013

The Saint Laurent Music Project is here!

Do you believe in soulmates?
Even if you don't - in this case, there is no denying that music and fashion make a perfect couple. It's time to let music speak to us audibly and also, visually.

 After the jaw dropping news that Courtney Love, Kim Gordon, Ariel Pink (even Marilyn Manson!) signed up as the new Saint Laurent campaign faces, it is clear that Slimane is taking the label on a departure towards a more youthful, grunge-led aesthetic. Courtney Love even commented that Slimane was a "genius" for accurately depicting the way they dressed in their Nineties heyday. The new Saint Laurent devil-may-care attitude is not for the faint hearted: to shock, to revolt, and to seduce all in its signature understated glamour. That's what I've always secretly wanted to be - and maybe you, too, a rockstar.

The fact for having dressed the likes of David Bowie, Mick Jagger, and Jack White, it should be no surprise - most of all, not only a mere experiment, that Hedi Slimane would marry fashion and music into the Saint Laurent Music Project. After all, Pierre Berge has given his nod of approval to this young prodigy's work. The first single features the electronic DJ duo, Daft Punk in a groovy, bassline-heavy single, Get Lucky. Taking the label's ad campaigns literally like movie trailers; will those campaign faces star their own collaborative masterpieces in the near future? The sense of excitement, bewilderment, and awe are surrounding the fashion house in an absolute peak, and so we shall let time do its job.

Listen to the insanely catchy lovechild here; Daft Punk, together with Nile Rogers and Pharrell are decked in Mr Saint Laurent's iconic Le Smoking tuxedo suit (with a glitter strewn 2013 update, of course). Rest assured you'll be humming along to this tune after you hit the play button.

Enjoy and lastly, TGIF!


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