LaPrendo x Gassan Diamonds
Appreciation Luncheon

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

The backdrop: a whimsical scenery of blushing posies and pastel macarons, jars of bonbons and tinted fresh leaves. The highlight: our curated array of vivid jewels just in time for high summer. On July 17, 2013 LaPrendo, hand in hand with Gassan Diamonds, humbly hosted an intimate luncheon at the Fullerton Hotel as a token of appreciation to our loyal customers.

At the same occasion we officially introduced Choices by DL, heralded as 'A jewellery wardrobe in a box,' Choices by DL is a revolutionary technology in Haute Joaillerie that allows you to infinitely vary a jewel. 

   Fly Me To The Moon Collection

"The Choice is yours," says Debora Leeser, the youngest descendant of the famous Dutch diamond Family, Gassan. What started out as her mere graduation project from Fashion Institute of Amsterdam, has aggrandised into something so exceptional and coveted by people all over the world. It has succeeded as one of the top ten most sought-after jewellery brands at Gassan, and now in Singapore exclusively at LaPrendo.

    Bringing personalisation to a whole new level, as if picking a favourite flavour at our favourite gelato cafe, we were spoilt for choices (no pun intended) by the gemstone array from the brand. Green amethyst, purple amethyst, coral, quartz, or topaz stones in any tone, you name it. Choices has it all.

 Adapting an exquisite yet lucid system, each piece of jewellery is constructed of three core features: the ring, a faceted gemstone and the frame. These three elements are interchangeable and independent from each other - then pieced together through a magnet and bayonet mechanism - granting you an instantaneous out-of-this-world flexibility.

Luxuriate yourself in lavish clusters of multi-toned diamonds that exude unstoppable sophistication for an evening ensemble. Then switch it down to a fashion-forward milky aquamarine ring that matches your essential denim for a downtown chic. The power is in your hands to switch amongst a variety of styles at your every whim and fancy. There, an endless jewellery wardrobe to fit every occasion. 

It's almost impossible to settle for one, when you have Choices.

 Thank you to those who came and enjoyed the reception with all of us. The LaPrendo team humbly appreciates the love and support from all our loyal customers, guests and friends, therefore we hope to see you at our next exciting event.


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