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Jochen Pohl The Jewel Sorcerer

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Do you believe in magic?
No, not the card trickeries or Houdini-esque gimmicks, we are talking about the true charming - and almost spellbinding - power of a jewel. 
It is not unless one has seen and felt the stones roll in your hands, in their true beauty and true colours, that you will know how magical they truly are! And their potency only shines through when placed in the adept and skillful hands of a master jeweler...

LaPrendo introduces Jochen Pohl, a trained goldsmith, a visionary, a ‘jewel sorcerer’. His eponymous label cuts, sets, and handcrafts only – and only - beautiful and coveted pieces that bespeak a new language of elegance through simplicity.

The story of every Jochen Pohl creation begins with a stone. After all, the label itself is based in the German town of Idar-Oberstein (‘Stein’ translates to ‘stone’ in German) ”When I handpick the stone, I already know what the piece is going to look like and how it’s going to fit to the finger or neck. I always imagine how the owner of the ring is going to look.” Or, as the ‘sorcerer’ puts it himself, “…when the stone chooses the wearer.”
Being said, he invokes an understated canvas in luminous 18k gold for these ‘personality stones’, allowing them to show off their unique facets to the fullest.

Expect no less than sleek perfection in Jochen Pohl’s masterpieces as his design principle traces back to the simplest, bordering on the primordial, theory of attraction itself - The Golden Ratio. With meticulously crafted and calculated geometries, one could almost immediately recognise the fine structures of the coffered dome of Renaissance architectures like St Peter’s Basilica – distinctive hollows, subtle lines and balanced arches, as well as harmonious circles. These precious sculptures breathe an unapologetically sensual yet modern air: something to represent the spirit of times, something you’d want to wear for a lifetime…

Jochen Pohl will be launched exclusively in Asia - only at LaPrendo Fullerton and online - mid September 2013. Watch this space for further updates.


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