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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Call me a hopeless romantic, but as a human, most importantly a woman, I am obsessed with the ‘idea of forever’: love, friendship, family, diamonds, and photographs, amongst other things. As worldly goods and visceral beauty might seem transient, I constantly seek for depth and substance that I can invest in, you know, forever. For example, knowledge, culture, emotions, and memories – intangible yes - those are the things that keep my sentimental hopes up.
Beautiful objects that retells my life stories; exactly what I need, and at Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen, they are always intertwined. The beauty of jewellery itself, in its most resplendent form, has to be personal - far from the influence of trends, peer, or social pressure. Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen, too believes that every woman can create her own little perfect world through jewelleries that remind her of the magic moments. With each piece a child was born, two soul mates were reunited, achievements and anniversaries celebrated.

So let’s begin our little love story...
Having spent most of his younger days in his parent’s jewellery shop, it was only natural for Ole Lynggaard to dream of becoming a goldsmith. Upon graduation, he made a life-changing trip: 3 years around the world (Germany, France, US, and Japan) for experience and apprenticeship.
In 1963 he finally established a namesake brand and studio, selling self-crafted jewellery door to door in his bag. Today, that same building is the largest production house in Northern Europe.

It seems jewellery-making runs in the Lynggaard blood. Charlotte, his daughter, is especially multitalented. Even though trained in goldsmithing, she had the experience of being an art director in Paris and fashion designer in New York, until finally she decided to continue her father’s legacy.
All eyes are on Charlotte to inject a new depth and feminine flair to the brand’s DNA to represent her generation. She has proved her worth but still keeping to the traditional inspiration of their hometown environment in Scandinavia.
Perfection and quality are never compromised as the pieces are meant to be passed to the next generation. The craftsmanship technique itself has also been perfected in the family all these years. Ole and Charlotte are still closely involved every design development. 
After an idea is born, they handpick the designated stone and each has to be perfectly hand-cut to catch the light. The body, then, is moulded from scratch, part by part: each clasp, petal, and band respectively. The goldsmith starts by modelling the first prototype in rubber, a new one has to be made every time. They continue by casting it in a wax mould to get the 3D of the design. The wax is then melted and gap is filled with liquid gold, which hardens in water. The rubber cast is then broken and the parts are ready to be sent for assembly. All pieces go through a meticulous finishing process with hand-scratched satinised surface and unique settings before a strict quality control. 

Now you know, apart from telling your life story, owning an Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen jewellery also means to own a precious piece of their family identity.

This Thursday, don’t miss the chance to experience the Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen magic. Join us for a bedazzling evening amongst the classic Lotus, Nature, Dew Drops, and other never-before-seen collection, exclusive for our special event.


Thursday, February 20th, 2014
3:00 PM -8:00 PM
Barnadas Huang @ 22 Dempsey Road, Singapore


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