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Monday, February 24, 2014

 Friends, fans, and fellow luxury afficionado gathered at Barnadas Huang Art Gallery for a wonderful evening on Thursday, February 20th 2014. LaPrendo presents the Scandinavian charm of Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen for our fine jewellery edit this Spring 2014. Joined by Mr. Thomas Bek, the International Marketing Director from the brand itself, we unveiled the state-of-the art jewelleries in museum exhibit-esque platforms, where you can find beautiful stories and the painstaking craftsmanship behind each piece. Movies of the craftsmanship and design inspiration was also playing in the background to let guests in to the family's vision of quality and perfection.

The Rose/Coral Colour Universe for S/S 2014
We had the honour to showcase the Rose/ Coral colour universe even before the highly-esteemed Basel Fair 2014 which will be in end of March! We were all in awe with the whispered beauty of Rose Coral, Deep Coral, and Rose quartz placed strategically next to each other - whether on multisized Lotus rings, or the Sweet Drop charms... How amazing is that combination? No wonder this is the best-selling series of the evening.

The Vintage Colour Universe for S/S 2014
The Vintage colour universe featuring the brightest and the boldest combination of Amethyst, Turquoise, and Acquamarine gemstones.

The Golden Colour Universe for S/S 2014
Colour moods and textures are found close to home in the family’s Scandinavian landscape, where silhouettes of tree branches, illuminated landscapes, and the beauty of raw materials are perpetuated. Fine, golden hair-like Fleches d’Amour that were mineralized into Rutilated Quartz millions of years ago finally found a home in these enchanting pieces: Lotus rings, earrings, pendants, dew drops, and sweet drops charm...

The Earth Colour Universe for S/S 2014
The Earth colour universe, featuring luminescent grey and white moonstones, onyx, and london blue topaz. Lustre, sparkle, and illumination – Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen artisans has mastered the craft of capturing maximum light - sealing the fate of their creations as lifetime investment pieces. Each element is refined in the crafts of laborious gold casting; fine hand-etched finish; and convex lapidary techniques that are essentially inimitable... Very rarely you'll find a cabochon stone so large and gleaming to be set into this No.4 Lotus Ring.

The Special Edition Earrings
Especially crafted for this event, the Special Edition Earrings have never been seen outside Copenhagen. They are individually detachable per gemstone and interchangable for complete freedom and versatility for any occassion. How clever, who would've been able to tell just judging from the first look?

The Snakes Series
 Ole Lynggaard is largely inspired by his travels in the 1960s,and this particular Snakes Collection was one of the timeless classics inspired by the Egyptian treasures he had seen in Cairo. A symbol of good and evil, wisdom and blind passion, but most of all, a lingering temptation. Ole created his first serpentine masterpiece in 1969, inspired by the Now it is one of the house’s iconic signature - carved from 18k gold, diamonds, and the occasional topaz and tourmaline drops -slithering around fingers, arms and down from ears and neck in the most sophisticated and sensual way.

The Winter Frost Series
Frozen forest branches glimmering with the first sight of the sun in spring; it is a match made in heaven when Charlotte Lynggaard fused her hometown Scandinavian nature with Japanese minimalism inspired by her own travels. The frost charm’s slender branches weave themselves around the silk bracelet with oriental knots and tassels, generously sprinkled with scintillating white diamonds.
Stories of meticulous craftsmanship and design process accompany each display case.

All invited guests got to see, touch, and wear the exclusive jewellery pieces while indulging on champagne and canapes for a luxurious shopping experience.
When it comes to Ole Lynggaard's leather and silk bracelets, the more the merrier!
Thank you for the constant love and support that has made this event a huge success with massive turn out. We certainly wish you were there with us to adore, try, and even purchase these exclusive collections from Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen (see what you’ve missed!), but fret not as we will host even more exciting events this year. We look forward to see you next time...


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