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Thursday, February 13, 2014

 For some it looks like a mere toy, but for the discerning few it's the fashion element of the moment. 2014 sees the peak of the Lego trend! There's even a Lego movie out in the theaters now.
Wait, but isn't Lego a toy? And aren't toys only for kids? Well, not anymore...

Fashion industry is ruled by the generation that actually grew up playing with this toy, not gadgets, tablets and online game apps like the actual kids these days. Heck, I asked my niece who is in primary school and she doesn't even know what Lego is!
The Lego trend sees a resurgence of the past, that naive nostalgia to build anything you can only dream of. And as we grow up these dreams, too, evolve and the genius few pieced Lego bricks together into - what else - luxury bags. Like a breeze of air in Spring, this unique sense of humour definitely breaks boundaries and the monotonous rut of bag designsWelcome to the fun side of fashion, where the term "playing with accessories" is taken - well, for a lack of a better word - literally.
Anna Dello Russo shows us how to view fashion from the fun side.
Chanel Lego Clutches - S/S 2013 Runway

When Karl Lagerfeld sent the Lego box clutches down on Chanel Spring 2013 runway, the trend took the fashion crowd by storm. These crayon-bright acrylic boxes are the exact direction Kaiser Karl is predicting for the future of fashion. We're talking 'cheeky as the new chic'.
Hermes Lego Birkin

Hmm, one can build anything he/she can only dream of, eh? Tell me which girl hasn't been dreaming of a Birkin - they have also built it! Lego pieces stacked nicely to form the flap, iconic buckle and clasp toggle, sorry kids, us, adults will steal all your plastic fantasies for fashion's sake; as if you need a better proof that Lego is no longer child's play.
The highly-coveted Lego LOVE Bag on Candela Novembre

Ever since this picture of It-Girl Candela Novembre was posted on Instagram, everyone kept wondering about the LOVE bag, where to get it, and who designed it. Fashion editors, bloggers, and fashion afficionados alike - everyone wants a piece of the covetable LOVE Lego bag! It's an instant street style darling. LaPrendo found out and made these tongue-in-cheek designs available in our sunny shores, wow finally! It started from a fellow It-girl, Mariasole Cecchi's hobby to glue Lego pieces onto her old bags. The look and humour caught on and she finally established her own label, Les Petits Joueurs to produce her limited edition designs.

THIS is the accessory du jour - the bag you should be seen carrying for a Tommy Ton-worthy street style cred. Who knows, you might even get approached for a snap of yourself!  
For S/S 2014, we love The Piano clutch most for its balance in fun and day-to-night functionality. Distinguishable just by it's name, it is handmade carefully with lego pieces that forms the ebony and ivory keys. If Mozart was a lady, he would have been smitten with this design!

Now now, you've seen it all. Let's lighten up for Spring.
Wipe out that Fierce face for a Fun smile instead - after all it's in fashion, you know?

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