The New Landscape of Luxury

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Your hand brushes against the beautifully hand-painted python skin as it reaches pass the double top handles and into the soft caress of the calfskin lining on the inside. There, a logo is visible. The brand: Zagliani.

After years of rapid economic growth, luxury items seem to have lost its initial allure. The exclusivity, premium quality, and the prestige seem to have languished with the rising income and wealth levels.

If you take a walk along the streets of Orchard, you'd realise that there are no lack of flashy logos and ostentatious monograms. It seems like there are more people wanting to express their wealth through the means of conspicuous consumption. One would ask, how is luxury still luxurious when it's so accessible to the masses?

The landscape of luxury consumerism has gradually shifted from wealth expression to self-satisfaction. Wealth expression has ceased to impact the people's desire for these products. You should now seek gratification from 'inner' luxury, luxury only for you to know. 

With the overly saturated luxury market, sometimes it may seem like the high price tags are only caused by staggering profit margins. However, we should remember that designers don't come into existence on a whim. They have often done many things to arrive at where they are.

Designers all have a passion to share, and a story to tell. They express their stories and personality through what they make. They want to evoke reactions of admiration and delight from their consumers. They view it as form of art, dedicated to creating not just goods, but a way of life. A brand's philosophy, craftsmanship and heritage are the key elements that you should look out for before making a purchase. 

You will find yourself reaching out for pieces that veer away from trends yet big on style. Items of immaculate quality, pared down and built to last, you will find these items working as the core of your contemporary wardrobes. 

This is the new luxury - Sustainable Luxury. A carefully considered life enriched by refined, functional and timeless products, invested pieces with a story that resonates with yours. 


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