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Vita Fede

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

 “Born in LA, made in Italy, inspired by the world.” This is the tagline of Vita Fede, a brand of handcrafted jewellery and accessories that are inspired by designer and founder Cynthia Sakai’s life. Vita means Life and Fede translates to Faith in Italian. But what many do not know is that Faith is the name of Sakai’s dog while Vita is the first Italian word she learnt. This is what makes Vita Fede so personal.

Never over-embellished and never too fanciful, Vita Fede’s designs are effortlessly modern and uncomplicated but in an ever so sleek style. It is a culmination of Sakai’s feminine point of view and her personal style. “Design what you truly love and what inspires you, not what people want,” Sakai once said. Who can deny such tenacity that gave birth to collections of architectural works of art?

A strong geometric influence is evident in Vita Fede’s aesthetic, apparent in the many angular shapes Sakai uses in her designs. The Titan series is one such signature, and is already a classic style in the Vita Fede repertoire that is constantly updated very season. There are also a few double ring and earring delights that are sure to excite any jewellery enthusiast.

With these designs, you get the sense of what Vita Fede is all about – timeless yet avant garde jewellery that can be mixed and layered to suit your personal style. After all, in the words of Sakai, “Vita Fede makes a statement without being overbearing or in-your-face.”


New Year's Eve Outfits
Each To Suit Your Style Personality

Monday, December 29, 2014

Rein in the New Year with these New Year's Eve outfits from the likes of Grace MMXIII, Temperley London, and Paper London. We have one for each style personality; which one is yours?

If you are a classic, then a smart, prim, and proper look will suit you just fine. You are one that finds it hard to dress down even if you are out to do your weekly grocery shopping. You buy only the best quality you can afford in fashion and prefer fail-safe outfits for work or play. A one-piece is your best bet and we say look no further than this black dress from GRACE MMXIII.

You are creative, no doubt about that. An expressive look is important to you and you are willing to take risks in style. Colours, textures, and unique accessories are what you go for –anything that can make your look one-of-a kind. Putting an outfit together is easy for you but sometimes it is nice to have some inspiration from somewhere. Here’s an outfit we have curated, just for you.

Not quite classic but not too creative, if you belong to this group, you know what fashion is and you know what the current trends are. You are fashionable. You have your favourite brands but sometimes you just got to look a little harder for that special find. Granted, you definitely know what suits you but here’s a tip: be explorative and always have a hero piece on you for a talking point.

You lot are casual, not in terms of the quality of your clothes but in terms of your style. You prefer sporty-casual styling in simple and fuss-free designs. Comfort is key and of the utmost importance to you. Or maybe, this could be you on your day off? Whatever it is, this New Year’s Eve is the perfect opportune moment to make your point. Show them how to look effortlessly easy-chic in this ensemble.

Romantic details and feminine flair are the names of your game. Florals, ruffles, and beautiful fabrics delight you. Not too girlish but with just enough of that graceful and ladylike allure to ignite your outfit. You like cute accessories and pretty handbags too. Well, try this white lace dress that is both flirty and demure. Pair it with this charming beauty of a bag and have some fun!

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