An Ode To Andrea Fohrman
Landscapes and Dreamscapes

Monday, December 22, 2014

What do you see when your eyes gaze upon the moon? The splendour of Andrea Fohrman’s fine jewellery collections evokes just that. Whether through memories of a distant past or yearnings of a hopeful future, each jewellery piece represents a symbol of quiet affection. Forhman, herself, handpicks every single precious stone you see in her collections, which are then handcrafted and casted in 18k gold by local artisans in Los Angeles. And that is what is so unique about Andrea Fohrman; that added personal touch.

What is more enthralling is the vibes that each jewellery piece gives off. As Fohrman journeys through her formative years and the natural world of the unexpected –from sunlit redwood forests to astral meteorology– you get the kind of story that Fohrman is trying to tell with each collection. It is her story –that tells us ever so subtly about her dreams and her obsessions, which then, implores us to think about ours.

The starting point was an opal cocktail ring from her grandmother’s jewellery collection. As such, you could sense an eloquent antique style that mingles with a vibrant elegance, courtesy of the colourful myriad of contemporary gemstones in whimsical shapes. A simple lightning bolt shape is fitted with an array of white diamonds while a semi-circle shape is adorned with gemstones of every colour of the rainbow. The bold use of colour together with playful details is commendable.
What do you see now? They are yours to interpret.

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