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5 Ways to Look Taller

Tuesday, January 27, 2015
Curated specially for petite women, here are 5 tips and tricks on how to look taller; featuring the likes of Gianvito Rossi, Herve Leger, Issa, Richard Nicoll, and many more. Have a look!

The first tip is an easy one: wear a single colour from head to toe. A unicolor outfit gives the an optical illusion of an elongated body with a single vertical line straight up and down. This Richard Nicoll jumpsuit scores extra marks with an accompanying belt to cinch the waist in for a defining silhouette. Jumpsuits are your new best friend!

Pointy pumps or not, a low-cut vamp is your best bet. This is the part of the shoe that cuts across the front of your foot. Expose as much of it as possible to visually lengthen your legs. Be sure to match your skin tone, avoid ankle-straps, and if you are wearing jeans, make sure the hemline hits your ankle.

Oversized handbags have always overwhelmed petite women – quite literally. A petite woman should always be mindful of that. Instead, scale down with pint-sized bags that are proportionate to your body. Be it a mini clutch or a small cross-body satchel or even a right sized top-handle bag; make the smart choice!

Whether shorts, jeans, or pencil skirts, go for styles that you can wear high-waisted. Elevate your waistline to just above your belly button and pick streamlined cuts that will make your legs look slimmer. If you are choosing a skirt, tuck your top in and make sure the hemline sits around your knee-level for a universally flattering silhouette.

A visual illusion, that is exactly what a plunging v-neckline brings to view. It elongates the torso, making it look leaner to the eye. So don’t be afraid to show off a little skin, because that is what makes this look work so well. Bonus points if you have got a little something to show off.

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