The Best of NYFW Fall 2015
It's Fashion Week!

Friday, February 27, 2015
 It's Fashion Week! Here's a look back at the freshest looks from the runways of New York with picks from our repertoire of Vionnet, Aquilano.Rimondi, Gianvito Rossi, Herve Leger, and many more.

Far from spare minimalism, black is a colour that you can really play with. Vera Wang certainly knows this as she churned out a predominantly black collection at the recently concluded New York Fashion Week. There were textures, mish-mash of fabrics, and clever insertions of white. Take a simple black silhouette and give it depth! Alternatively, opt for cool layering in easy styles.

It’s a block party as the 70’s show continues on the Fall 2015 runways of New York. Maybe you’re not one to go for kitsch prints or bohemian notes, well take cues from the New York catwalk and work dynamic blocks of colour into your outfit. This look will take you from Spring to Fall and back to present day again.

What comes to your mind when you think of tonal colours? Different shades of the same colour would be the most common answer of course. But let’s try something different. It could be overlapping layers of the same fabric or a discreetly sheer fabric that shows off just a hint of your skin colour. Now, that’s tonal minimalism.

Pale pastels continue to rule colour trend reports for Fall 2015, a continuation from the soft and weathered colour palette of Spring 2015. So now is the perfect time to get in on this trend if you have not already done so. We put the focus on pale nude, an evergreen colour that appeared on the Herve Leger runway.

Pretty, sensual, and delicate. To some designers, sheer fabrics are a mainstay in their collections. We say, sheer garments are a must-have in our wardrobes, especially on those warm days. It’s not all about baring skin, though. Take a look at the construction where fabrics of different weights are fused together and you’ll be amazed. Appreciate fashion for what it is!

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Chiara Ferragni
It's a Shoe Wonderland

Tuesday, February 24, 2015
Fashion blogger-influencer-designer-model Chiara Ferragni needs no introduction. If you have never heard of her eponymous shoe brand or The Blonde Salad, then you must be living under a rock. Take heed now for the sparkling and colourful images you are about to see will bring you straight to shoe wonderland.  Trust Ferragni to turn up the style quotient on everything she lays her hands on and knowing her, you can always expect a little something extra from her. This time for Spring 2015, she expands her repertoire with new shapes like the espadrilles and ankle-strap sandals. No surprise, the winking eyes appear as complements again. Its almost as if the jokes are on us but we love it!
Im an eye girl for sure, Ferragni once quipped when quizzed on whether she was an eye girl or a lip girl. And of course, she has an entire range of shoes dedicated to winking eyes to show for and in the brands trademark glittery finishings, no less.

Each shoe is inspired by Ferragnis very own flirtation with the American pop culture scene. The names are just as fun. We have Flirting and Make-up among others, but our personal favourite is Popcorn & Coke, a fresh and whimsy design for Spring 2015. Who would have thought!
You have seen it.

The Chiara Ferragni name clearly shows no signs of slowing down. Her influencer stats are astounding and her shoe collection is equally amazing. With over 1 million Facebook fans and over 3.3 million Instagram followers, there is no telling how far she could go. Her made-in-Italy shoe brand too, has been making waves, frequently appearing on must-have shoe lists for the cool fashion crowd.
Her accolades just keep on piling up. So better catch on while you can because

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Maison Margiela
Héritage Fine Jewellery

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Simple forms with underlying complexities; Maison Margiela’s Héritage fine jewellery collection is exactly that. Inspired by family heirlooms that may seem somewhat traditional at first, MaisonMargiela recreates these time-honoured shapes into pieces that mean so much more than just that: heritage with a story, only to those that truly understand the meaning of each emblematic jewellery piece.

They are emblems of the nonconformist. They are fine jewellery pieces written in the brand’s very own unique language of unconventionality. They transcend the mainstream, like the freedom of speech, an empowerment that is distinct only to the wearer.

Who would have thought that jewellery could be deconstructed? Leave it to Maison Margiela, a house widely known for embracing deconstruction techniques that shook the fashion world.

A simple split ring chronicles a love story or an alliance, from one end to the other, but in reality never ends. A chevalière ring that would normally feature a family crest leaves us more to ponder. The ring is now broken and the crest is of course, absent. And finally, the heirloom jewel appears but it seems fragmented. Sapphires and diamonds coexist in a disjointed fashion, shrouded by an air of mystery.

Fractured but whole, unfinished but complete, with Maison Margiela, things are always not what they seem. With Margiela, “I am unique.”
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Jochen Pohl and the Sorcerer's Stone

Friday, February 13, 2015
The stone is the story; it has always been for Jochen Pohl, a stone sorcerer dedicated to sourcing and crafting the most precious stones into modern objects of desire. Rubies, sapphires, tourmalines, diamonds, tanzanites, moonstones, chrysoberyls, and tsavorites among others, JochenPohl has his fair share of finds – but it wasn’t easy, for only the rarest and most flawless stones could satisfy. These are the specials, the crown jewels of the Jochen Pohl family.

That is the real story.

A stone (read: tanzanite) so rare that it comes from only one place in the entire world. But for Jochen Pohl, it goes beyond that, presenting gemstones in the purest form where impurities in gemstones are burnt away meticulously to bring out the truest colour of the stone. This is something only the most skillful cutters are able to achieve.

Take a deep breath for what you are about to see is a beauty beyond measure, a beauty that has literally stood the test of time. An image of an aristocratic lady in her majestic courtyard comes to mind, the train of her dress swaying to the rhythm of the breeze. And there we see it. An old European-mined rose-cut diamond – a cut dating back to the 17th century – encased in a shimmering white gold ring. The polished metal blending perfectly against her skin. A calm and raw multi-faceted 5-carat diamond in all its glory.

This is what we see – an understated high luxury, so luxurious that only you can feel its aura for yourself.

The cream of the crop, as they say. Like a stone speaking to you, so intimate and dear to you. Little did we know that the stone sorcerer, Jochen Pohl himself, shares this exact intimacy even before a piece of jewellery is made.

Each stone is handpicked like an orphan coming home for the first time. Behind the scenes, a covenant between jeweller, cutter, and stone is conceived, blossoming from the very mines that gave us these precious stones we now hold dear to our hearts. Each stone, once lost but now found. Each stone, so different from the next, that you may never find a similar stone anywhere else in the world. Like a child maturing with age, so does the stone in value.

While reliable gemstone supply lines prevail, so does Jochen Pohl. The Earth is his domain and with every stone acquired, the stone sorcerer sings for a luxurious beauty will be born in his hands.

For the most exquisite gemstone connoisseurs, this is it – the holy grail of precious stones. It is the idea of owning a stone that no one else has. It is the possession of a prized obsession, a quality jewel that is made of gold and gem – the best of both worlds.

So lust while you can but once acquired, it is forever yours.


The Celebrity Shoe
And why you should get it

Wednesday, February 11, 2015
We have 5 artisanal shoemakers – Rupert Sanderson, Gianvito Rossi, Aquazzura, Bionda Castana, and O Jour – to choose from and why you should definitely get your hands on one!

At Rupert Sanderson, British heritage and traditional craftsmanship come first. The result is a distinctive shoe silhouette of balanced curves with a fine attention to details and textures.

Instantly recognisable by the iconic gold-coloured mark in the shape of a daffodil on the sole, a Rupert Sanderson shoe is ultimately made to flatter.  Think of it as a perfect line of design and fit coexisting together. And with these shoes spotted on the likes of Jessica Alba and Gwyneth Paltrow, we think that Rupert Sanderson is a British legacy in the making.

“A shoe is like the frame of a beautiful painting, in which the main subject is the woman.” 

A Gianvito Rossi shoe is all about the modern woman – and she is special. A quiet aura of feminine elegance and contemporary grace exudes from within. It is like an unspoken language, a novel indulgence, and at the same time, embracing a sophisticated Italian glamour. Just take a look at these celebrities and you get the idea. Gianvito Rossi is not to be missed – for a new sensuality awaits you.

Aquazzura’s story is a wondrous one. It all started with the Sexy Thing bootie. Dubbed “the Fashion Week shoe” by the press, we say this is a must-have for any discerning fashion-forward woman worth her it bag. The brand has since been snagged by more than 140 retailers in 45 countries and even collaborated with style maestro Olivia Palermo.

Such is the popularity of the brand that the Aquazzura website even has a page devoted entirely to the girls of Aquazzura in their favourite pair of showstoppers. Are you one of them? We definitely are.

Blonde or brunette? The perennial question beckons. You see, Bionda means blonde, and Castana means brunette. With BiondaCastana, you can expect both, well, metaphorically.

As the playful name suggests, cool and vibrant sixties shoe styles sit alongside signature classics like the versatile Lana heel, which has now become an iconic sight comparable to the sightings of a red sole. What blends these styles seamlessly together is actually mesh, which makes a Bionda Castana shoe ultra comfortable and breathable. And that is one cool factor to add to your wardrobe – literally.

Jour means daytime in French and it’s a daytime party with O Jour. The “O” stands for perfection, a circle of perfection that is enwrapped in oval shaped boxes of delightful O Jour heels.

The freshness of O Jour comes from its whimsical designs in tasteful proportions. The distinctive O Jour heel is a mid-length one, a celebrated height in the O Jour repertoire. Combine these two, and you get a fun and feminine heel that can be worn every day at every age. Just ask Taylor Swift.

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Be My Valentine
Pretty Gifts to Impress Your Date

Monday, February 9, 2015

As Valentine's Day approaches, we at LaPrendo would like to present you pretty gifts to impress your date from our highly curated jewellery collection featuring the likes of Carolina Bucci and Asherali Knopfer, to small leather beauties from Prada and Miu Miu; just don't give her shoes, lest she runs away!

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Asherali Knopfer
A Passion for Unconformity

Friday, February 6, 2015 
Two sisters, one jewellery brand: AsheraliKnopfer. Know the name.

Understated, strikingly elegant, and handmade in Paris, the brand is a true creative house of fine jewellery design. 
What is so astonishing is the simplicity of each design. How can something be so simple, and yet garner copious amounts of prestige in the industry? The answer is exactly that and then some. It is the simple shapes that deviate from the standard rules of jewellery design. They are free of fancy gemstones and heavily embellished ornaments, the usual features of fine jewellery. Asherali Knopfer is different, perfectly positioned at the forefront of the fine jewellery trade.

Think pink. Feel pink. The colours of Asherali Knopfer’s pearls evoke so much more than the colour itself. These pearls, they mean something, like a walk along a coastline where you catch a rare glimpse of a pinkish ray of light. The nuances of this hue, so remarkable it is as though it was whistling through the clouds.

No, not like a dream but like a crystal ball of poetic feels. Just like spheres connecting the beginning and the end through the sound of silence as your thoughts gather. The mesmerising view as you take in the fluid curves of polished elegance.

Or maybe it is the lack of colour that ignites your senses. A barren land on the surface, but on closer scrutiny, bursts into a spectrum of images like branches of a tree. In truth, it was an acute invention.

It is no wonder that each earring comes with at least one singular pearl because all it takes is one idea to set in motion a series of clockwork events.

Always progressing, the brand’s most popular jewellery piece is the mix and match earring, which incidentally is the most fun piece. A front-back design that is very on trend this season, this ultra-distinctive earring comes in a single curved bar with two spikes on each end and an extra pearl for you to change things up if you like. Each spike or pearl can be detached which gives you freedom to style your very own AsheraliKnopfer earring according to your mood. 

The best part? You can even buy another set of earrings for added options to sport a pair of mismatched earrings, another feature that is right on trend.

And with the brand heavily spotted on the who’s who of the fashion world, we are definitely on board. Don’t be left behind!

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