Asherali Knopfer
A Passion for Unconformity

Friday, February 6, 2015 
Two sisters, one jewellery brand: AsheraliKnopfer. Know the name.

Understated, strikingly elegant, and handmade in Paris, the brand is a true creative house of fine jewellery design. 
What is so astonishing is the simplicity of each design. How can something be so simple, and yet garner copious amounts of prestige in the industry? The answer is exactly that and then some. It is the simple shapes that deviate from the standard rules of jewellery design. They are free of fancy gemstones and heavily embellished ornaments, the usual features of fine jewellery. Asherali Knopfer is different, perfectly positioned at the forefront of the fine jewellery trade.

Think pink. Feel pink. The colours of Asherali Knopfer’s pearls evoke so much more than the colour itself. These pearls, they mean something, like a walk along a coastline where you catch a rare glimpse of a pinkish ray of light. The nuances of this hue, so remarkable it is as though it was whistling through the clouds.

No, not like a dream but like a crystal ball of poetic feels. Just like spheres connecting the beginning and the end through the sound of silence as your thoughts gather. The mesmerising view as you take in the fluid curves of polished elegance.

Or maybe it is the lack of colour that ignites your senses. A barren land on the surface, but on closer scrutiny, bursts into a spectrum of images like branches of a tree. In truth, it was an acute invention.

It is no wonder that each earring comes with at least one singular pearl because all it takes is one idea to set in motion a series of clockwork events.

Always progressing, the brand’s most popular jewellery piece is the mix and match earring, which incidentally is the most fun piece. A front-back design that is very on trend this season, this ultra-distinctive earring comes in a single curved bar with two spikes on each end and an extra pearl for you to change things up if you like. Each spike or pearl can be detached which gives you freedom to style your very own AsheraliKnopfer earring according to your mood. 

The best part? You can even buy another set of earrings for added options to sport a pair of mismatched earrings, another feature that is right on trend.

And with the brand heavily spotted on the who’s who of the fashion world, we are definitely on board. Don’t be left behind!

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