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Tuesday, February 24, 2015
Fashion blogger-influencer-designer-model Chiara Ferragni needs no introduction. If you have never heard of her eponymous shoe brand or The Blonde Salad, then you must be living under a rock. Take heed now for the sparkling and colourful images you are about to see will bring you straight to shoe wonderland.  Trust Ferragni to turn up the style quotient on everything she lays her hands on and knowing her, you can always expect a little something extra from her. This time for Spring 2015, she expands her repertoire with new shapes like the espadrilles and ankle-strap sandals. No surprise, the winking eyes appear as complements again. Its almost as if the jokes are on us but we love it!
Im an eye girl for sure, Ferragni once quipped when quizzed on whether she was an eye girl or a lip girl. And of course, she has an entire range of shoes dedicated to winking eyes to show for and in the brands trademark glittery finishings, no less.

Each shoe is inspired by Ferragnis very own flirtation with the American pop culture scene. The names are just as fun. We have Flirting and Make-up among others, but our personal favourite is Popcorn & Coke, a fresh and whimsy design for Spring 2015. Who would have thought!
You have seen it.

The Chiara Ferragni name clearly shows no signs of slowing down. Her influencer stats are astounding and her shoe collection is equally amazing. With over 1 million Facebook fans and over 3.3 million Instagram followers, there is no telling how far she could go. Her made-in-Italy shoe brand too, has been making waves, frequently appearing on must-have shoe lists for the cool fashion crowd.
Her accolades just keep on piling up. So better catch on while you can because

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