Jochen Pohl and the Sorcerer's Stone

Friday, February 13, 2015
The stone is the story; it has always been for Jochen Pohl, a stone sorcerer dedicated to sourcing and crafting the most precious stones into modern objects of desire. Rubies, sapphires, tourmalines, diamonds, tanzanites, moonstones, chrysoberyls, and tsavorites among others, JochenPohl has his fair share of finds – but it wasn’t easy, for only the rarest and most flawless stones could satisfy. These are the specials, the crown jewels of the Jochen Pohl family.

That is the real story.

A stone (read: tanzanite) so rare that it comes from only one place in the entire world. But for Jochen Pohl, it goes beyond that, presenting gemstones in the purest form where impurities in gemstones are burnt away meticulously to bring out the truest colour of the stone. This is something only the most skillful cutters are able to achieve.

Take a deep breath for what you are about to see is a beauty beyond measure, a beauty that has literally stood the test of time. An image of an aristocratic lady in her majestic courtyard comes to mind, the train of her dress swaying to the rhythm of the breeze. And there we see it. An old European-mined rose-cut diamond – a cut dating back to the 17th century – encased in a shimmering white gold ring. The polished metal blending perfectly against her skin. A calm and raw multi-faceted 5-carat diamond in all its glory.

This is what we see – an understated high luxury, so luxurious that only you can feel its aura for yourself.

The cream of the crop, as they say. Like a stone speaking to you, so intimate and dear to you. Little did we know that the stone sorcerer, Jochen Pohl himself, shares this exact intimacy even before a piece of jewellery is made.

Each stone is handpicked like an orphan coming home for the first time. Behind the scenes, a covenant between jeweller, cutter, and stone is conceived, blossoming from the very mines that gave us these precious stones we now hold dear to our hearts. Each stone, once lost but now found. Each stone, so different from the next, that you may never find a similar stone anywhere else in the world. Like a child maturing with age, so does the stone in value.

While reliable gemstone supply lines prevail, so does Jochen Pohl. The Earth is his domain and with every stone acquired, the stone sorcerer sings for a luxurious beauty will be born in his hands.

For the most exquisite gemstone connoisseurs, this is it – the holy grail of precious stones. It is the idea of owning a stone that no one else has. It is the possession of a prized obsession, a quality jewel that is made of gold and gem – the best of both worlds.

So lust while you can but once acquired, it is forever yours.


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