Maison Margiela
Héritage Fine Jewellery

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Simple forms with underlying complexities; Maison Margiela’s Héritage fine jewellery collection is exactly that. Inspired by family heirlooms that may seem somewhat traditional at first, MaisonMargiela recreates these time-honoured shapes into pieces that mean so much more than just that: heritage with a story, only to those that truly understand the meaning of each emblematic jewellery piece.

They are emblems of the nonconformist. They are fine jewellery pieces written in the brand’s very own unique language of unconventionality. They transcend the mainstream, like the freedom of speech, an empowerment that is distinct only to the wearer.

Who would have thought that jewellery could be deconstructed? Leave it to Maison Margiela, a house widely known for embracing deconstruction techniques that shook the fashion world.

A simple split ring chronicles a love story or an alliance, from one end to the other, but in reality never ends. A chevalière ring that would normally feature a family crest leaves us more to ponder. The ring is now broken and the crest is of course, absent. And finally, the heirloom jewel appears but it seems fragmented. Sapphires and diamonds coexist in a disjointed fashion, shrouded by an air of mystery.

Fractured but whole, unfinished but complete, with Maison Margiela, things are always not what they seem. With Margiela, “I am unique.”
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