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Monday, April 27, 2015

The outline of an upper, the shape of a vamp, the contour of an arch, and the line of a heel, together, these elements define the uniqueness of a Casadei shoe. And for more than half a century since 1958, heritage Italian shoe brand, Casadei has continued to create feminine, striking and memorable designs that are directional yet timeless. Most shoe companies emphasise on tradition, craftsmanship, and originality. Being a storied Italian shoe label, Casadei is no different.

What makes them singular is Casadei’s strive for creating masterpieces and objects of desire that are not just solely designer label accessories. More than just beautiful creations and works of art, there is something about Casadei that intrigues.
There seems to be a shoe for every woman in their collections. Pick a 70s-esque platform wedge for the day, go for a steel-heeled 4-inch T-bar stiletto for work, or maybe try a pair of asymmetric leather flats just for the fun of it. And our favourite? The iconic Soraya sandal with an elegant Swarovski crystal as the icing on the cake.

On the surface, one might not notice this but there is a certain Casadei stiletto heel that is quite different from the usual heel. This unique heel is called the Blade. The Blade itself is an astonishing work of craftsmanship. It is a solid heel made out of real steel, which is then coated in various lacquered colours for a sublime finish that gives new meaning to the term, power heels. This heel is further complemented by a rounded backbone that acts as a shock-absorbing platform for added stability and support.

It is a definite standout in the shoe department.

Curvaceous and sexy, the shapes too, are equally adventurous and Casadei uses asymmetrical cuts to their advantage. If you thought your feet couldn’t get any sexier, you thought wrong. Casadei has nailed it with their “Daytime” asymmetric sandal with cross over ankle straps. Choose the flats for casual days out or elevate your look with the Blade heel option. There is a certain freshness to it that stops short from being excessive but with just the right amount of oomph to garner a second look. 

There is no doubt that Casadei is indeed a melting pot of creativity. You just got to find the right one to set your heart ablaze.

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Precious Metal
Shimmer in gold and silver

Thursday, April 23, 2015 
 Gold and silver, hardware and embellishments, fine jewellery and shimmery textures, take your pick from the likes of Saint Laurent, Carolina Bucci, VBH, Aquazzura, M2Malletier, and Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen.

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A design house ablaze with ideas

Wednesday, April 22, 2015  Designer Thakoon Panichgul has many claims to fame throughout his decade-old career helming his eponymous label Thakoon. Coming from an editor’s background, Thakoon debuted with a thirteen-piece capsule collection of taffeta separates and blithe dresses that kick started it all in 2004. It was the realisation of a gap to fill in the market, a gap that he filled with pure creativity season after season. So much that famed fashion critic Cathay Horyn once said, “Few designers of his generation have produced more ideas.”

The abundance of fresh ideas. The blossoming of a household name. And now, soon-to-be honourary participant of Singapore Fashion Week. His aesthetic? Fashion-forward, timelessly feminine, and effortlessly modern. Far from having a nonchalant nature but casual at times, just as a Thakoon ensemble would suit a well-heeled lady, a Thakoon collection would no doubt be a fitting complementary wardrobe for the Thakoon Addition girl.

If Thakoon Addition is the casual and sportif second line, then Thakoon, the main line, is the cosmopolitan sister – both sophisticated in their own ways with the fashion world at their disposal. And that is where Thakoon, a design house ablaze with ideas, excels. The Thakoon girl is an all-embracing and well-travelled woman of the new age. The future beckons and now, she has a line of Thakoon handbags to accompany her on her journey.

“Ten years in the making,” as quoted by Panichgul himself, the debut Thakoon handbag collection does not disappoint. Made from soft and supple leather, the shapes are subtly enterprising with simple but clever hardware placements. They are quiet notes in a sea of exploding gimmicks. To tote and to sling, they are modest bags to carry everyday – a handy companion that is functional, practical and well-made. Deep down, a silent scream of “look at me” resonates from within without the user even realising it.

He certainly knows his customer and she is one with an eclectic sense of taste who values practicality. Her signature is always evolving.

For Spring 2015, she journeys to Rio de Janeiro as she follows the footsteps of Eurydice from the 1959 film Black Orpheus. There, she is an out-of-towner in an exotic land, almost foreign but yet somewhat familiar, almost akin to perceiving the traditional anew. Delicate details line her silhouette. They are dynamic, as always. No fancy prints to detract, in its place, subtle deconstructed elements can be seen. She walks with aplomb, unafraid of naysayers. And until she writes the next chapter, this is where she stays.

Embrace the enigmatic Thakoon girl for there’s no telling where she will go next.

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Mansur Gavriel
Get yours now!

Monday, April 20, 2015

What do you do when a fresh drop of Mansur Gavriel bags arrives? You click fast!

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Delfina Delettrez
And her surrealist moments

Tuesday, April 14, 2015  Every designer has a source of inspiration and those who see things that no one else sees will discover things that no else knows. That is in fact, what Italian jeweller Delfina Delettrez has done here. With the most uncommon of places – like the human body or the anatomy of an insect– as core inspirations for her bold and imaginative jewellery – Delettrez has set the standard of what is whimsical and fantastical to jewellery aficionados and at the same time pushed the boundaries of what fine jewellery could be.

Just as her great-grandmother Adèle Fendi has accomplished before, Delettrez, a fourth-generation Fendi, has laid the groundwork of a colourful landscape of surrealistic jewellery endeavours. She is also the youngest designer to be featured in the permanent exhibition of fine jewellery at the Lourve’s Musée des Arts Decoratifs, a testament of a her talent.
Having a noticeable flair for the unusual, her designs are not of this world. The most distinctive pieces showcase exuberant iconographies like a pair of glittered lips or an enamelled eye with white gold lashes. At the same time, Delettrez explores the simplicities of her imagination like a double pearl earring, which no doubt holds an underlying surrealist meaning too.

Design aside, the shape and structure of her split rings are a design statement to awe. When worn, gems and intricate adornments seem to float over your fingers as if there was an imaginary gravitational force pulling them down. Underneath, the slender u-shape band is hidden from view and invisible from the top, leaving only the precious stone and surrealist iconography as highlights on your fingers. Delettrez’ unique take on surrealism shines true here.
Post-modern like an evolution of current genres, Delettrez is a progressive artist who is constantly looking for the next surrealist moment. And there is always one. These are her surreal visions of another world, which incidentally was the inspiration behind her 2014 short film to launch her “Gold Vein” collection.
Earthly journeys are temporal with an ending but visions are not. Visions are where Delettrez conjures the most fanciful of ideas to create innovative works of art. It is that step in that direction that distinguishes her from the norm because only she can see things that no else can see – things that are not of this world.

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Jewels for a Lifetime
A Sentimental Story

Friday, April 10, 2015 
A wisp of fresh perfume filled the air. The calm notes of citrus and musky undertones of elderflowers linger. She pulls the slip of her dress over her shoulders and stares straight into the morning mist. Her Ole Lynggaard Winter Frost ring sparkles, even from the faintest of morning lights. A breeze drifts across the window sill where she stands, blowing her auburn hair to reveal the most exquisite of diamond-encrusted Frost earrings in white gold – 162 diamonds in total. She closes her eyes to embrace it all.
Dreamscapes are her domain. They are the landscapes for her story to be told where her jewels are the cornerstones of every chapter like an Ole Lynggaard Frost charm glistening amidst the twirls of a black leather bracelet. Her mind wanders across the fields of fauna – pine trees the inspiration. She could possibly have been in a Scandinavian countryside or Yosemite Valley but one thing’s for certain: the jewels that she possesses represent an intimate part of her life, each jewel chronicling a story of love, hope, and faith.
There was a time when there was a significant other. Jochen Pohl pavé diamond bracelets and faceted tsavouriterings, she has seen them all but they were never enough. As one chapter closes, the next one will always entice. Be it a special someone or a prized JochenPohl tourmaline stone set in a ring of diamonds, her pursuits are multifarious to a fault because the search never really ends. The longing for a perfect find never ends. Does it, in fact, even exist?
One thing’s for certain and that is happiness does exist. It is a serene state of mind where vibrant textures and colourful gems marry into a blissful melody like the silk and gold threads of a CarolinaBucci Twister bracelet or even a rainbow ring of precious gems from AndreaFohrman. For her, these are phases in life, just like each piece of fine jewellery representing a special fleeting moment but at that instant, a euphoria of happiness reveals itself.

Wandering off, she gazes back at a photograph where two hands are clasped together perfectly can be seen. Neither one of those was hers. Still, she remembers. When there’s a love story, there’s always the contrary. So it ends abruptly but like a split Maison Margielabracelet or an Asherali Knopfer bar earring that traces a story from one end to the other, in reality never really ends.

Who is she? She is you and I in another lifetime, a darling in a story of jewels.

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50 Shades of Pink
Pick one for the day

Wednesday, April 8, 2015
Happy Mid-week! We're having a pink day today with the likes of Vionnet, Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen, Temperley London, Prada, Stella McCartney, and Thakoon among others.

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