Delfina Delettrez
And her surrealist moments

Tuesday, April 14, 2015  Every designer has a source of inspiration and those who see things that no one else sees will discover things that no else knows. That is in fact, what Italian jeweller Delfina Delettrez has done here. With the most uncommon of places – like the human body or the anatomy of an insect– as core inspirations for her bold and imaginative jewellery – Delettrez has set the standard of what is whimsical and fantastical to jewellery aficionados and at the same time pushed the boundaries of what fine jewellery could be.

Just as her great-grandmother Adèle Fendi has accomplished before, Delettrez, a fourth-generation Fendi, has laid the groundwork of a colourful landscape of surrealistic jewellery endeavours. She is also the youngest designer to be featured in the permanent exhibition of fine jewellery at the Lourve’s Musée des Arts Decoratifs, a testament of a her talent.
Having a noticeable flair for the unusual, her designs are not of this world. The most distinctive pieces showcase exuberant iconographies like a pair of glittered lips or an enamelled eye with white gold lashes. At the same time, Delettrez explores the simplicities of her imagination like a double pearl earring, which no doubt holds an underlying surrealist meaning too.

Design aside, the shape and structure of her split rings are a design statement to awe. When worn, gems and intricate adornments seem to float over your fingers as if there was an imaginary gravitational force pulling them down. Underneath, the slender u-shape band is hidden from view and invisible from the top, leaving only the precious stone and surrealist iconography as highlights on your fingers. Delettrez’ unique take on surrealism shines true here.
Post-modern like an evolution of current genres, Delettrez is a progressive artist who is constantly looking for the next surrealist moment. And there is always one. These are her surreal visions of another world, which incidentally was the inspiration behind her 2014 short film to launch her “Gold Vein” collection.
Earthly journeys are temporal with an ending but visions are not. Visions are where Delettrez conjures the most fanciful of ideas to create innovative works of art. It is that step in that direction that distinguishes her from the norm because only she can see things that no else can see – things that are not of this world.

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