Jewels for a Lifetime
A Sentimental Story

Friday, April 10, 2015 
A wisp of fresh perfume filled the air. The calm notes of citrus and musky undertones of elderflowers linger. She pulls the slip of her dress over her shoulders and stares straight into the morning mist. Her Ole Lynggaard Winter Frost ring sparkles, even from the faintest of morning lights. A breeze drifts across the window sill where she stands, blowing her auburn hair to reveal the most exquisite of diamond-encrusted Frost earrings in white gold – 162 diamonds in total. She closes her eyes to embrace it all.
Dreamscapes are her domain. They are the landscapes for her story to be told where her jewels are the cornerstones of every chapter like an Ole Lynggaard Frost charm glistening amidst the twirls of a black leather bracelet. Her mind wanders across the fields of fauna – pine trees the inspiration. She could possibly have been in a Scandinavian countryside or Yosemite Valley but one thing’s for certain: the jewels that she possesses represent an intimate part of her life, each jewel chronicling a story of love, hope, and faith.
There was a time when there was a significant other. Jochen Pohl pavé diamond bracelets and faceted tsavouriterings, she has seen them all but they were never enough. As one chapter closes, the next one will always entice. Be it a special someone or a prized JochenPohl tourmaline stone set in a ring of diamonds, her pursuits are multifarious to a fault because the search never really ends. The longing for a perfect find never ends. Does it, in fact, even exist?
One thing’s for certain and that is happiness does exist. It is a serene state of mind where vibrant textures and colourful gems marry into a blissful melody like the silk and gold threads of a CarolinaBucci Twister bracelet or even a rainbow ring of precious gems from AndreaFohrman. For her, these are phases in life, just like each piece of fine jewellery representing a special fleeting moment but at that instant, a euphoria of happiness reveals itself.

Wandering off, she gazes back at a photograph where two hands are clasped together perfectly can be seen. Neither one of those was hers. Still, she remembers. When there’s a love story, there’s always the contrary. So it ends abruptly but like a split Maison Margielabracelet or an Asherali Knopfer bar earring that traces a story from one end to the other, in reality never really ends.

Who is she? She is you and I in another lifetime, a darling in a story of jewels.

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