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Wednesday, April 22, 2015  Designer Thakoon Panichgul has many claims to fame throughout his decade-old career helming his eponymous label Thakoon. Coming from an editor’s background, Thakoon debuted with a thirteen-piece capsule collection of taffeta separates and blithe dresses that kick started it all in 2004. It was the realisation of a gap to fill in the market, a gap that he filled with pure creativity season after season. So much that famed fashion critic Cathay Horyn once said, “Few designers of his generation have produced more ideas.”

The abundance of fresh ideas. The blossoming of a household name. And now, soon-to-be honourary participant of Singapore Fashion Week. His aesthetic? Fashion-forward, timelessly feminine, and effortlessly modern. Far from having a nonchalant nature but casual at times, just as a Thakoon ensemble would suit a well-heeled lady, a Thakoon collection would no doubt be a fitting complementary wardrobe for the Thakoon Addition girl.

If Thakoon Addition is the casual and sportif second line, then Thakoon, the main line, is the cosmopolitan sister – both sophisticated in their own ways with the fashion world at their disposal. And that is where Thakoon, a design house ablaze with ideas, excels. The Thakoon girl is an all-embracing and well-travelled woman of the new age. The future beckons and now, she has a line of Thakoon handbags to accompany her on her journey.

“Ten years in the making,” as quoted by Panichgul himself, the debut Thakoon handbag collection does not disappoint. Made from soft and supple leather, the shapes are subtly enterprising with simple but clever hardware placements. They are quiet notes in a sea of exploding gimmicks. To tote and to sling, they are modest bags to carry everyday – a handy companion that is functional, practical and well-made. Deep down, a silent scream of “look at me” resonates from within without the user even realising it.

He certainly knows his customer and she is one with an eclectic sense of taste who values practicality. Her signature is always evolving.

For Spring 2015, she journeys to Rio de Janeiro as she follows the footsteps of Eurydice from the 1959 film Black Orpheus. There, she is an out-of-towner in an exotic land, almost foreign but yet somewhat familiar, almost akin to perceiving the traditional anew. Delicate details line her silhouette. They are dynamic, as always. No fancy prints to detract, in its place, subtle deconstructed elements can be seen. She walks with aplomb, unafraid of naysayers. And until she writes the next chapter, this is where she stays.

Embrace the enigmatic Thakoon girl for there’s no telling where she will go next.

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