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Thursday, May 7, 2015

“8 Foods Nutritionists Won’t Eat” and “7 Healthy Habits Fit Women Swear By”, a long time ago, these headlines would seem out of place on industry fashion websites but now they are commonplaces and all over the internet too. Fashion and body image have often gone hand in hand. There is a direct correlation. Fashion is what we buy and in turn plays a part in how we look.

Underneath these layers of fashion, our body is either hidden from sight or flaunted in plain sight. To those that care, being fit matters and if you look good while you’re at it, so much the better.

The fashion industry has taken note. Consumers now have a plethora of choices at their disposal. Activewear as a product category on online retailers are now typical with one retailer even stocking a whooping 61 brands in this product category alone, compared to only 12 when it first launched. The activewear market is moving places and VPL, an activewear brand of functional and stylish undergarment-inspired sportswear has gotten the memo.

Launched in 2003 as a utilitarian-chic womenswear brand that aimed to bridge the gap between lingerie and sportswear via ready-to-wear elements, VPL has since evolved into a full-fledged activewear brand with the introduction of technical fabrics like SeaCell – a fabric made of Icelandic seaweed that contains Vitamin E and antioxidants – for Spring 2014.

As designer activewear brands go, VPL is in a league of their own and a pioneer in a sea of ready-to-wear brands trying to incorporate sportswear elements into their collections, even before adidas by Stella McCartney was born.

Their collections are a mix of cool swag and sporty athleticism rolled into one unifying nonpareil of graceful endurance. Wear VPL to the gym and to lunch thereafter. “Not activewear fashion, but fashion that’s active,” as explained by VPL designer Victoria Bartlett, reaffirming that looking good while being fit matters. To some, either/or is optional but to VPL – and us – it’s all or nothing. 

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