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Monday, May 11, 2015

Australian jewellery designer Ryan Storer is one to watch; the “ear piece guy” was what the industry nicknamed him when he first started out.

Having collaborated with cutting-edge designer Dion Lee, you get the sense of where Ryan Storer belongs in a world of different fashion sets. His clique is a cool one and there are few that can sit with him. He is the cool guy with an evident and crystal clear aesthetic of what cool fashion jewellery should be. He would put a single pearl at a precise point on a sleek ear-bar and say that was it. Simple objects, clear structures, and a precise minimalism were all it took.

 If jazzing up were needed, he would speckle diamond-shaped crystals onto an ear band to fashion an ear cuff made to resemble icy shards of glass sprouting out from the outer ear. These simple shapes would inevitably become Ryan Storer signatures. Signatures that have since been transformed into collections of rings, necklaces, chokers, wrist cuffs, ear cuffs, and earrings. Signatures that are so defined and yet leaves us wondering what more could he conjure up next.

“Each season I like to reinterpret my signature yet keep the same design thread throughout and love that this can be achieved in so many ways with so many materials,” Ryan Storer described. And so it is. This season, his signature shapes remained largely unchanged. The slight nuances injected into them were tasteful. Each crystal was counted and each curve calculated to caress the contours of your face gently. His aesthetic is ever so concise.

And with Ryan Storer spotted on the likes of Nicole Warne aka Gary Pepper Girl, Rita Ora, Beyonce, Cate Blanchett, Cara Delevingne, and Miranda Kerr, there is no denying that Ryan Storer is on to something here.

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