Sonia Rykiel
The New Age of Parisian Chic

Tuesday, July 14, 2015
Sonia Rykiel is a Parisian fashion house that opened in 1968 with a vigor matched only by the revolutionary ready-to-wear insurgence in the 1970s. It was during that defining era where Sonia Rykiel rose to international prominence alongside designers like Yves Saint Laurent, Oscar de la Renta, and Hubert de Givenchy, long after Chloe made the first step in the 1950s. The Queen of Knits as she was once dubbed, had a sensibility that challenged the dictation of conventional fashion norms.

An irreverent cool aesthetic was born and a sophisticated bohemian tendency well pronounced. Flamboyant but controlled and unconventional but compelling, a Sonia Rykiel collection always has its trademark, an uncommon aspect that we fully appreciate.

With an experienced background at Prada and Versace as well as at Louis Vuitton where she worked closely with Marc Jacobs as studio director, newly appointed creative director Julie de Libran has sparked a heartening revival of the house, garnering widespread press features in Vogue, Elle, Harper’s Bazaar, and more. Featured on the likes of Charlize Theron, Chloe Sevigny, and French icon Charlotte Gainsbourg, and worn on the streets by Amal Clooney, Sienna Miller, and Sofia Coppola, de Libran and Sonia Rykiel are truly a perfect match.

How equally apt too, that the 1970s craze is all the rage now. De Libran has got the memo and she has the archives of Sonia Rykiel’s heyday to thank for her second showing.

Trademark details of the collection were easily distinguishable like a delightful star print, half-waist drawstring detailing, and wide cuffed trousers. Textures were abundant as usual which were further accentuated by a soft bohemian flow.

The French always does it better. Sonia Rykiel has however taken it one step further, proclaiming themselves as “the most Parisian of all international fashion houses” –right up there with Saint Laurent if you ask us. And we salute fashion houses with a unique language of their own, one that is unabashed to show off a little swagger. In every respect, Sonia Rykiel is poised at the vanguard of Parisian chic. If you like all things French – as we do – then Sonia Rykiel will fit right into your wardrobe.

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