The Rise of Minimalist Fine Jewellery
A trend to love forever

Monday, July 20, 2015
The rise of minimalist fine jewellery is here and we saw that coming from a long way out now.

At the heart of this movement is Sophie Bille Brahe. Based in Copenhagen, her eponymous fine jewellery brand combines intriguing asymmetric shapes with a poetic story-telling element. Her acute sense of refinement is inspired by the very elements that create her designs. Her creations are graceful and pure, almost like a slender gold birch tree filled with pearls and diamonds. We are in love.

Classic-trendy, we call it. The most distinctive fine jewellery brands are where all jewellery trends start. Wear this minimalist fine jewellery trend now and forever but be sure to get in the know.

Ear crawlers, ear climbers, and ear cuffs, whatever you call them, they are now the it accessories to sport. Slender gold strands and delicate diamonds, like a second skin of shapewear caressing the contours of your skin, so subtle that it becomes one with your body.

One can go minimalist all the way. The easiest way is to spruce up a single ear with a single earring, a look revolutionised by Delfina Delettrez and Asherali Knopfer. It is the epitome of minimalist fine jewellery, which adds instant sophistication to your everyday look. The thrill is in showing off that sleek bar earring on one side while keeping onlookers guessing when you turn the other cheek to expose a touch of bare skin.

Like an indulgence to love forever, a collection –your collection– grows with careful curation, just like how we select only the best pieces from the most defining brands in the market to showcase.

They are the few that we curate into a collection of fine jewellery brands at our fine jewellery boutique. And these are the minimalist brands that you need to know. They are the cream of the crop and we can’t wait for you to see them in person.

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