Art of Thakoon
A cool NYC girl emerges

Tuesday, August 25, 2015
Thakoon has often been labelled as the more mature sister to Thakoon Addition. Lately, these lines have blurred. As Thakoon Addition’s sporty-casual notion collides with Thakoon’s sophisticated ideals, a fresh identity is borne.

A new girl has arrived and she looks familiar.

Her precise sense of maturity is evident. It’s like she has travelled the world and has now settled on a clear path to her final destination – a fashion-forward woman in New York City.
She might be a fashionista but she is one who understands control in a city of possibilities. There is no need to stand out but a need to be effortlessly put together. Silhouettes are kept simple, practicality at the forefront. The city waits for no one.

American sportif-chic is her go-to style but always with an eloquent flair for the dynamic. Lace detailing here and an asymmetric cut there. A mix of textures here and a sporty drape there. Her style brings to light a single and coherent fashion that is reminiscent of a true NYC girl with a sporty edge.
When the occasion calls for it, she unveils a black dress. As her hand brushes across the soft fabric as she reaches in her shoulder bag, the movement itself captivates. The bag is unadorned but colourblocked with just a hint of metallic hardware. The dress is uncomplicated but the shoulder detailing intrigues. The outfit? Put together with a moment’s thought. It was that effortless.

Thakoon doesn’t need a backstory. As the Thakoon girl morphs from one outfit to the next, the narrative is explicit. The story of this girl is apparent. Her lifestyle is apparent. She is the cool NYC girl.

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