Feminine Flair
The charm of a lady

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

We ladies rule. Embrace that. It is every day that we live as role models to our younger selves. Our intellect surpasses us with each passing hurdle, like a squiggle subconsciously but carefully maneuvering across the sea of uncertainties. The squiggle meets another squiggle and an alliance blossoms just like this Issa dress, where perfect lines of squiggles embrace on a canvas of harmonious fabrics.
A rose petal for your thoughts? Yes you read that right. A single petal, and another one as we delve deeper in conversation. Sometimes we are over-thinkers. We think too much. Or we think about a problem and not actually think about how to solve it. Or sometimes we ask stupid questions just because we want affirmation. In truth, a lady has got to listen to her own advice. Like the veil of this sheer fabric from N21, peel off those layers to reveal the answers.
Are you the quiet one? Introverted and reserved we may be, but confident we definitely are. All it takes is a little sparkle of a connection to light us up. We don’t need fancy adornments, in speech or in our style – like this N21 dress. And even if you are the type who fancies the experimental end of fashion, there is no one judging you because you don’t feel it anymore. No two hoots are given. As the saying goes, “Introverts are winning quiet victories.”
Care for a dance with us? Do you even dance? The clubs come to mind. But no, that’s not really our style. What we like is a little downtime with our girlfriends at a quiet corner off the street with good food and a cocktail or two. There’s nothing like a good conversation to keep the mood of the night going. The ladylike dance comes from within us as we converse and mingle in our own fantasies – in a comfy Issa floral jersey dress, no less.

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Fashion With Function
From the court to lunch

Tuesday, September 15, 2015


There are ladies who lunch and there are ladies who play – sports that is. And then, there are ladies who enjoy doing both, one after the other. Fashion is at the centre of it all.

Fashion and sports go hand in hand. It’s a lifestyle. No one is exempt from fashion whether we like it or not. On the court, we dress to play. The outfits that we choose are particular. It is specific of our style. White may be your colour for a game of tennis. A skort may be your go-to bottom for yoga. A sleeveless flapper dress may be your golf outfit for the day.

Above all, functionality defines these training attires.

Your choices define your look. But sometimes, we are limited by the selection of merchandise available to us. And that is why the search for new and exciting brands continues. Fashion will never die.

Between your Xtend Barre (a workout involving ballet and pilates) classes and lunch appointments, you contemplate your wardrobe of sportswear. The big brands in sportswear have become mainstream. Running has become mainstream. How can life be boring when there are a host of other alternative workouts and brands for us to explore?

With that regard, L’Etoile Sport has given us new meaning to play a game of tennis or a round of golf with our girlfriends. The best part? You can even wear it to lunch!
If you’ve heard of Coco Chanel and her tennis dresses, you would have heard of L’Etoile Sport and their pointelle stretch-lace knit fabrics. Move over mesh! If you want ventilation, the eyelet holes of the pointelle knit will do just fine and it’s so much chicer at that. Soft breathable and absolutely luxurious, this exquisite fabric comes in effortless tops, skorts, and dresses that will be perfect excuses for you to get sporty. Off the court, pair these dresses and easy separates with flats or sneakers.

Function comes first. Fashion is the icing on the cake.

With their elegant and body-conscious cuts with subtle sophistication, L’Etoile Sport is as fashion-focused as much as it is function-focused. Now that’s a lunch – or sports – outfit renewed.

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Casual Essential
It's Casual Friday every day

Thursday, September 10, 2015

We all have our off days and today is definitely it! Check out our casual essential guide from the likes of Victoria Beckham Denim, Casadei, Gianvito Rossi, Mykita, and Victoria Beckham – where every day is Casual Friday!

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Seeing Colours
Coloured gems on white

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Spot these exquisite coloured gems from Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen, Delfina Delettrez, Choices by DL and more, set against a pristine white palette of ready-to-wear delights from Aquilano.Rimondi, Temperley London, and Thakoon among others.

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No Gimmicks, Just Bags
An ensuing phase in fashion

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

http://www.laprendo.com/NoGimmicks.html?utm_source=Blog&utm_medium=Website&utm_content=No+Gimmicks+Just+Bags&utm_campaign=01+Sep+2015  Does the fashion world dictate? Do we dictate? No, we do not. We curate for your perusal. We instill ideas. We inspire. And ultimately as a consumer, only you can dictate your style. Only you can refine your tastes. After all, it is all about the consumer. It is all about you, you, and you. It’s the “U Generation.”
Gone are the days of the must-have It Bag. Does one bag brand rule them all? Not at all. In fact, more and more brands are adding handbag lines to their collections for a slice of a huge pie where bags reign as the number one product category for most major brands. And still, as if defying the odds of a bursting handbag market, these brands still thrive.
Just take a look at Mansur Gavriel, who staked their claim in 2013. And soon enough, New York design house Thakoon will join in the ranks this season. Quality and an eye for an ensuing phase in fashion. The designers, who make it, often have these two qualities. M2Malletier is another perfect example with their reinvented hardware-focused designs. But in an ever-changing landscape of fashion, where does their inspiration come from?

More often than not, designers pick an era in history, an artist, a sub-culture, or maybe even the streets where they grew up in. Design inspiration is present everyplace. What has not been done before? Fashion cycles, but only the best designers choose a timeless quality in their bag designs. No zeitgeist of a moment. Their moment is eternal. The simple bag shapes of VBH and Victoria Beckham come to mind.

Most consumers are clearly not fashion people. Maybe you are. If so, then we applaud you for that. We’d actually rather you become a style maven in your own right – because fashion changes. It never ends. The quest for bags never ends. So go on and take a look at a bag for what it is. Colour, fabric, shape, hardware, lining, and of course functionality, look no further than that. In short, the face value and the timeless quality of a handbag is all that matters.

So opt for a bag that will endure the test of time. There are no gimmicks to follow. No inspirational back-story to distract. No It bag status to influence. This is the new phase in fashion. So cheers to the death of the It bag and perhaps strike a note with an uncommon Vionnet handbag – but no one needs to know the name. 

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http://www.laprendo.com/ProductDetails.html?item=31078&utm_source=Blog&utm_medium=Website&utm_content=31078&utm_campaign=01+Sep+2015 http://www.laprendo.com/ProductDetails.html?item=32171&utm_source=Blog&utm_medium=Website&utm_content=32171&utm_campaign=01+Sep+2015

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