Fashion With Function
From the court to lunch

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

There are ladies who lunch and there are ladies who play – sports that is. And then, there are ladies who enjoy doing both, one after the other. Fashion is at the centre of it all.

Fashion and sports go hand in hand. It’s a lifestyle. No one is exempt from fashion whether we like it or not. On the court, we dress to play. The outfits that we choose are particular. It is specific of our style. White may be your colour for a game of tennis. A skort may be your go-to bottom for yoga. A sleeveless flapper dress may be your golf outfit for the day.

Above all, functionality defines these training attires.

Your choices define your look. But sometimes, we are limited by the selection of merchandise available to us. And that is why the search for new and exciting brands continues. Fashion will never die.

Between your Xtend Barre (a workout involving ballet and pilates) classes and lunch appointments, you contemplate your wardrobe of sportswear. The big brands in sportswear have become mainstream. Running has become mainstream. How can life be boring when there are a host of other alternative workouts and brands for us to explore?

With that regard, L’Etoile Sport has given us new meaning to play a game of tennis or a round of golf with our girlfriends. The best part? You can even wear it to lunch!
If you’ve heard of Coco Chanel and her tennis dresses, you would have heard of L’Etoile Sport and their pointelle stretch-lace knit fabrics. Move over mesh! If you want ventilation, the eyelet holes of the pointelle knit will do just fine and it’s so much chicer at that. Soft breathable and absolutely luxurious, this exquisite fabric comes in effortless tops, skorts, and dresses that will be perfect excuses for you to get sporty. Off the court, pair these dresses and easy separates with flats or sneakers.

Function comes first. Fashion is the icing on the cake.

With their elegant and body-conscious cuts with subtle sophistication, L’Etoile Sport is as fashion-focused as much as it is function-focused. Now that’s a lunch – or sports – outfit renewed.

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