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Tuesday, October 27, 2015
“Jewellery is something personal, something intimate, and should be made with love.”
These words – inscribed on the underside of a jewellery box cover – evoked so much more when read in person. The box, made out of a platinum-hued crosshatch-embossed card, felt pleasant to the touch. This, our dear kindred spirits, is a product of Anton Heunis. And the words, a product of his creative mind.
Anton Heunis’ story started when he was just aged 13 when he sold his first jewellery collection to a Johannesburg gallery. The starting point, his grandmother’s dressing table where shimmering jewellery and enamelled ornaments once beautified its vintage structure.  The Anton Heunis trademark was borne then and there. He calls it Modern Vintage.

“First and foremost, I’m a jeweller, and I love hands-on designing.”
Anton Heunis favours a hands-on design approach where he makes every sample piece in his collections himself first. Once each Anton Heunis design is finalised, the original sample is then displayed in the same studio where production goes underway.
Make no mistake that each Anton Heunis jewellery piece is extremely well made and meticulously handcrafted with precise techniques in Heunis’ Madrid studio. This is another one of Heunis’ hallmarks.

So certain of his “Handmade in Madrid” statement that Heunis even invites you to take a closer look at the back and profile of each piece where you can admire the beautiful soldering job and the delicate facets of each crystal.

“I’ve always been fascinated by colour and all things shiny.”
A master of colour and shape, Anton Heunis’ eye for the bold and whimsical is profound. The quality and the variety of shapes, proportion, and colour found in his collections are even more astounding. Heunis certainly does not shy away.
22-Karat gold, silver, rare vintage glass, Swarovski crystals, and semi-precious stones are his materials of choice. With these, the jewellery couturier lays to form the opulence of yesteryears that melds so well alongside the modern intricacies of today.

A sculptural piece during the day. A timeless sophistication in the evening. Wear an Anton Heunis with a casual t-shirt and jeans combo as well as with evening wear. An Anton Heunis design is as seasonless as jewellery collections go.

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