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Thursday, October 15, 2015

Fashion has always been fun. We have fun and cool designers like Aquazzura, Les Petits Joueurs and Chiara Ferragni who always err on the side of outlandish fashion. Their shows are a dazzling spectacle, just like an odd distinction sticking out amongst the catalogue of shows each season. There is a cool factor, a dash of fun, which is sometimes lacking as brands inevitably push the commercial viability envelope a little too hard. They are the light to some on the fashion week roster, just like a headliner at a music festival.

John Galliano’s theatrical runway shows come to mind. And who can forget the Alexander McQueen shows of yesteryear. Perhaps, the greatest of them all today, is none other than Chanel. We have seen a giant iceberg, a supermarket, and more recently, a brasserie – a French restaurant of sorts – on the ever-changing sets of a Chanel runway show. These grandiose and extravagant showcases in turn, gave rise to whimsical creations, dubbed cult runway bags, like the Lait de Coco minaudière shaped in a milk carton and the Lego clutch. There is fun and extravagance in fashion and Chanel knows this.

On another level, Les Petits Joueurs has done reasonably well. But for them, the show is on the streets. Their trump card? A range of fun and exciting bags that are adorned with actual pieces of Lego blocks. Such is their popularity that their bags have already gained a street style cool status since 2010, which is by no means a small feat. And on the streets where street style stars are mega influencers, fun and exciting fashion is exactly what captures a photographer’s attention.

As these trickle down to the consumer, what they are presented is a variety of cool fashion choices to get inspired by. Mini bags, normcore staples, and fancy accessories among others, there is truly never a lack of whimsy fashion ideas. What is seen today gets replicated like a ripple effect that spreads through the globe, reinterpreted by one and all in a variety of different styles. Just take a look at what you’re wearing today and you get the point. The question is: are you cool enough?

What is most interesting is that a runway trend is sometimes not a street style trend but from runway shows to street style gurus, the cool factor in fashion is here to stay. Either way, one thing is for sure and that is a cool and fun fashion statement will always impress.

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