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Monday, November 9, 2015
The world of Theory – #intheory – is a very simple one. Dream of a modern and essential wardrobe that consists of exceptional fabrics made in tailored yet fluid silhouettes with a strong neutral game that transcends seasons and you get Theory.

The silhouette here is the difference. Fashion-relevant and delicately streamlined, the fit of this silhouette is what makes Theory so desirable. The perfect fit is in fact what Theory is built upon. That was how the brand’s best-selling stretch trousers came into being. And now, a collection of go-to essentials in every style department awaits the modern working woman of today.
There is no fantasy, only realism. For Theory, it has always been about the woman. This woman values all-day comfort where days go from dawn to dusk. She seeks value and quality. To this urban sophisticate, Theory is the answer to her wardrobe needs. A Theory design is not just easy-to-wear, it is easier-to-wear.

Each unique fabric is fitted into a perfect-fit style so two similar product styles can have a different type of perfect-fit altogether. Details like the armhole opening, waistband construction, and fabric weight are considered. Fuse this with clean lines that go well with effortless layering and a modern point-of-view of fashion is shaped. This is Theory’s version of modern fashion.
Subtle statements for the sophisticated, minimalist separates for the effortless, classics for many years to come, those can be said of Theory. Beyond that, comfort at the heart of every clothing piece is the core of the Theory aesthetic. With Theory, continuously add on to your collection of everyday basics with each season’s new updates. Inject contemporary femininity. Elevate your monochrome cool school game. Add a foundation of effortless modernity.

As Theory co-founder Andrew Rosen once said, “Good clothes don’t necessarily have to be making the latest pages of fashion magazines.” We say, good clothes have to make it into your wardrobe. 

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