All I Want For Christmas
Fine jewellery specials to have and to love

Friday, December 4, 2015
A twist of fate, a simple mind, and an open heart. These are the essence of three brands – Maison Margiela, Sophie Bille Brahe, and Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen – whose fine jewellery collections are specials to have and to love this Christmas.

Maison Margiela is at it again. To Maison Margiela, there is always more than meets the eye. A simple object has a variety of interpretations. A simple ring can be so much more. A shape can be malleable. Like fate, a path changes course when you least expect it.

A twist of fate.

A simple band made complicated but on closer inspection, the seemingly complex ring appears simple. A single line of unbroken gold twisting and turning until it comes full circle like a winding path of a journey where the end is imminent. The Maison Margiela twisted earrings follow suit.

This Christmas, there is something special out there waiting for you. And the path is ultimately yours to tread.

Sophie Bille Brahe prefers simplicity. The starting point is clear. And the end is simple. With strong convictions behind a simple thought process, Sophie Bille Brahe’s approach is minimalist and direct.

A simple mind.

When fine jewellery is stripped down and bare, the gold and its accompanying precious stones are displayed in full view. The focus is intense yet light. A single understated earring. A clear yellow gold sphere. A pearlescent Akoya pearl. A diamond delicately interlacing with another. When the right elements are present, all it takes is a deft touch from Sophie Bille Brahe to connect the dots.

Just like Sophie Bille Brahe, take the time off this December to appreciate the finer things in your life. Take the time to appreciate the simple mind of Sophie Bille Brahe.

Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen’s repertoire is extensive. Their vision of what a definitive fine jewellery collection should be is constantly progressing. The root of it all stems from the Lynggaard family’s constant pursues of inspiration.

An open heart.

Each gemstone represents a unique facet. Each colour speaks of a different mood. Like an open heart, Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen welcomes an array of different arrangements. Add a charm to your necklace or bracelet, attach a gemstone pendant hook to your earrings, or stack colour-complementary rings together. The combinations run the gamut.

There will always be an item that will speak to you. An item that will enrich your jewellery collection. An item that will make this festive season a cut above the last one. So open your hearts and be fulfilled this Christmas.

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