Elena Votsi
A fairytale of love

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Elena Votsi is a Greek fine jeweller, a lover of life, and an Olympic Games medal designer, whose design is still being used to this day. Rich symbols of universal themes adorn her designs. Each precious stone and ornament represents a unique image that emanates from Greek culture. Admire her romanticised designs and indulge in her fairytale of Grecian love for the Elena Votsi story is filled with passion and desire.

Eros is the Greek god of love and also one of Elena Votsi’s most defining fine jewellery collections. When one receives a golden arrow from Eros, he or she will be overwhelmed with love – a kindled love that once ignited the hearts of the Greek gods and men. As a universal symbol of love, the Elena Votsi Eros ring is adorned with a heart, pierced by an 18k gold arrow filled with pink sapphires.

From Eros to your heart, a love abounds. Whose heart shall you kindle?

A love letter with a hidden message, the Eros Pendant necklace is a token of underlying meanings. Two gold plates hang from a ring with a yellow diamond on top. The hand-engraved envelope opens to reveal a concealed symbol – a horseshoe, an icon that is close to Elena Votsi’s heart.

The picturesque Greek island of Hydra – also a popular holiday destination of the wealthy – is where she lives. There, the only form of transport is by a donkey or a horse. Elena Votsi’s display of her Greek heritage is heartfelt. And just like her, you can deliver a message of profound love.

Taking the concept of a single earring and translating it into an asymmetrical pair of earrings, the Eros earrings are a dazzling mark of modern elegance. The sharply defined hearts are slightly folded lengthwise for a three-dimensional effect. With pink sapphires on one side and green tsavorites on the other, this pair of prized ear studs intrigues like no other.

Wear a single one or wear both at the same time. This romanticised classic – the Greek way – is bound to manifest love, passion, and desire no matter what outfits you pair them with.

Say “I love you” with this exquisite Elena Votsi pendant necklace. The folded hearts are now pavéd with white diamonds, a symbol of perfection and purity. The heart is strung through two holes on each half of the heart, bonding it together as one, never to be separated. The precise lines of the heart give rise to soft shadows behind a backdrop of shimmering gold; a light above the darkness.

The heart – the simple heart – is at once elevated to hold a love that Elena Votsi envisioned. And with a slight elongated profile, the heart – your love for another – is now set to last for eternity.

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