Prabal Gurung
A modern luxury

Monday, February 15, 2016
Singapore has unearthed a raw fashion design talent and we at LaPrendo are pleased to welcome this designer to our repertoire. Unbeknownst to the mainstream audience but widely lauded by those in fashion, this designer is a man of many accolades – highly acclaimed ones, we may add. His name is Prabal Gurung and modern luxury is what he does best.

Born in Singapore, Prabal Gurung’s fashion journey would see him end up at New York where he would find the most success. New York Fashion Week is his domain but his commercial flair lies on the red carpet where he has dressed the Duchess of Cambridge, Jennifer Lawrence, and Anne Hathaway among many others.
One of his very first and most loyal customers was Michelle Obama, who wore a gorgeous red Prabal Gurung dress to a state dinner back in 2010. His penchant for churning out event-worthy cocktail dresses and red carpet gowns was unveiled to the world there and then. The rest as they say is history.
 The codes of Prabal Gurung have remained unchanged ever since. Having established himself as a go-to designer for modern dresses and form-fitting silhouettes, Prabal Gurung would throw on a delightful graphic twist to his creations that cemented the house’s signature look.

Theatrics in an elegant demeanour. Graphic modernity with sophistication. For Resort 2016, Prabal Gurung’s clever architectural approach is at its most refined and feminine state.
Flattering sheath dresses lead the way. The usual dramatics were toned down a notch. Prabal Gurung’s trademark visuals instead, came in the form of artsy prints and sheer panels against contrasting blocks of colour. Each seam line and panel immaculately cut, which felt complete and complementary to the beautiful shapes. The feminine female form was apparent in the silhouettes, as elegant as the softly sculpted lines of Prabal Gurung’s dresses.

It almost seems like the Prabal Gurung woman has matured – in a good way. She has discovered a distinctive work-to-event style and the stage is set for her to enter the high fashion frontier.

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