The sexiest heels a woman can ask for

Thursday, March 31, 2016
The sexiest heels a woman can – and will – ask for is no doubt Aquazzura. Make no mistake about that! So without further ado, take a peek at the standouts from Aquazzura's latest collection.
The Aquazzura Wild Thing is as fun as the name suggests. Exotic and eye-catching with just the right amount of flamboyance, the Wild Thing can be dressed down during the day with jeans or elevated at night in a little white or black dress. Whichever way you go, the striking pompon details and red suede will give your look a lift without overpowering your whole outfit. A simple sandal made a cut above the norm. A simple outfit made that much special.
This season, the ever-so classic pointed toe pumps have been given special treatment. Fashion insiders call it the anti-pump. And so, it’s time to grow that pump collection of yours! The Aquazzura version comes with the brand’s signature string-tie closures with a skinny ankle strap for added stability. The vamp of the heel is lined with curved mesh panels that gently shape your foot for a sensual heel like no other. To the office, then to a dinner date, we say.
Statement heels are a constant in any fashion season. And with maximalism in full swing this Spring 2016, there isn’t a more perfect excuse to pile on the bling right now. Swarovski crystals and nude go so well together and Aquazzura has got the memo. Adorned with string-tie closures on the front and statement bling – draping like fluttery wings – on the sides, the Milla Jewel heels are certainly quite a sight to behold. With this heel, you shall fly to cloud nine in your season’s best.
Who would have thought an espadrille wedge could look this sexy. Sensuality and sexiness are what best describes an Aquazzura shoe and this is exactly what the brand has done here. Cut in a low platform – unlike the traditional espadrille wedges of season’s past – and arched sensually to a comfortable height, this spectacular wedge is treated with a graphic impact that will add colour and texture to your outfit. And with ink blue suede as the base colour, matching your outfits with this heel will be a breeze.
Take a cue from style icon Olivia Palermo, and supermodels Gigi Hadid and Miranda Kerr. An Aquazzura Girl always has that something extra. An Aquazzura heel is the sexiest heel a woman could ask for.


Fine Jewellery Essentials
Pristine pieces for an everyday sparkle

Tuesday, March 29, 2016
Wearing jewellery is a sure-fire way to elevate any outfit instantly. So take a cue and wear these fine jewellery essentials for an everyday sparkle like no other. Take your pick from the likes of Ginette NY, Maison Margiela, Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen, and Choices by DL.
Like a second skin, the naked necklace is fine, delicate, and elegant. Choose your favourite shade of gold and pair it with a simple pendant. This pendant should blend seamlessly into your outfits and be easily matched with other pieces of your collection. Layer it with other necklaces for a spruced up look or go solo with your preferred piece.

For an understated shimmer, go with a pavé diamond setting for just the right amount of aplomb. Now that that’s set, wear it for the entire week without taking it off!
The most precious of stones, diamonds will always have a special place in our hearts. Cut to perfection and with every millimetre measured, white diamonds represent the purest of them all. As a fine jewellery essential, choose an arrangement that is decidedly uncomplicated with a minimalist sparkle. Pair diamonds with a gemstone or embrace that divine white and gold combination.

Be it in a pavé setting or a precisely spaced out arrangement, wear these dazzling diamonds for a pristine everyday sparkle that is sure to elevate your daily outfits.
The everyday earring is not your average earring. Day or night, work or dinner, this flawless earring will take you through it all. Whether dressing up or down, the everyday earring shall be an easy match and a fixed accessory to your daily get-up.

The key here is to pick neutral-coloured gemstones like diamonds, rutile or rose quartz, or moonstones. Alternatively, go for pure gold earrings sans gemstones in a stylish shape like the Maison Margiela Twisted Hoop Earrings. With the everyday earring, you will have one less worry to fret about!
When you want nothing to distract eyes off your outfit, choose smart accessories to accent your outfit. Like the naked necklace and everyday earring, the bare bracelet is a perfect choice for this.

Nothing too loud or too fancy, these dainty bracelets add subtle sophistication to your look. Wear one alone or layer a few together for a well-stacked medley of fine gold threads. With such lovely and clean lines, you’ll be spoilt for choice. Just remember to keep it simple to make styling your wrist a breeze!

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Instagram Worthy
A visual story in images

Thursday, March 24, 2016
A persuasive story with a point of view. A visual narrative. Instagram is more than just images. It is more than a social platform. It is more than a tool of engagement. It is publicity to the savvy.

So what kind of story should we tell?

Instagram profiles are like walls of fame where only the best bits are showcased. These bits are weaved into a meticulous visual story akin to a storyboard of an epic film. And if you have more than 200 000 followers like Gianvito Rossi, this story matters all the more.
This story is inspiration to the viewer. Don’t we all crave inspiration? Don’t we all crave new and fresh ways to stimulate ideas for our wardrobes? These visual stories are exactly that. They are styling tips for the clueless. A shedding of light on how beautiful this product or brand actually is.
The beautiful editorial shots of Delfina Delettrez are glaring examples. The colours. The framing. The focus on a model’s face. That single orange topaz and diamond earring. All this coincides in an evocative stimulus that tugs at our heartstrings.
You click the “follow” button.
“Gorgeous collection!” “I’m in love!” These comments were found on Thakoon’s profile feed.
Curiosity is what piques our interest. It is the beginning. A blossoming of a love relationship with something that at once would have never been on our minds and hearts if we had not chanced upon a well-crafted visual story in images. A journey begins. You tag a friend or two. You can’t get it out of your head now. You’re in love.
These stories resonate with us. They are beautiful. And we all need that in our lives.
Then, there are the Instagrammers that we follow religiously. Their content and the brands that they parade are the epitome of aspirational imagery. They reveal to us a sense of fashion and style that we never knew. They are our guiding lights to the hottest products and brands. They are signs of approval that tells us that that works for us too. Sofia Sanchez de Betak (@chufy) and her M2Malletier bags come to mind.
The ones who are able to filter out the typical, are the ones who stay ahead of the pack.

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An Italian sophistication like no other

Tuesday, March 22, 2016
Once upon a time, you may chance upon a piece of surprising beauty that takes your breath away. Vhernier, an Italian fine jewellery house, is one such beauty.
Contemporary and unconventional, Vhernier has a penchant for melding architectural shapes with unique colourways to fashion ultra-modern and elegant jewellery pieces. What started out as a goldsmith workshop in 1984, blossomed into a fine jewellery house with dozens of themed collections, including a custom-made and haute jewellery line.
Each collection offers a different facet of Vhernier, presented in a variety of fascinating styles that are ultimately made to excite and amaze. And excite, they did with their nonpareil savoir faire and out-of-this-world creations.

A Vhernier design is built around the gem itself, which are often cut in organic shapes and set flawlessly. The clean and smooth edges where the gemstone and gold meet are a Vhernier trademark. It’s as though both gem and gold are one and the same.
The iconic Vhernier pavé setting is even more spectacular. Set using a 2-prong technique unlike the more common 4-prong method, this technique presents the design in its purest form, rendering a pavé setting as smooth as a single stone setting.  This, combined with their tasteful eye for explorative shapes and uniquely cut gems, is what makes Vhernier an Italian sophistication like no other.
Magical stones and ethereal structures come to mind, each one of them indicative of a pared down extravagance. While a Vhernier design may look strikingly voluminous, it is achingly elegant and sleek when worn. Quiet but loud and minimalist but eye-catching, the balance that Vhernier has achieved is astounding and now, a signature of theirs.
With each curved surface blending seamlessly into the next, the flawlessness of the precious materials used is apparent. And with something that impeccable, we had to offer it up to you.

For the first time ever, Vhernier will make its Singapore debut at our Takashimaya S.C. boutique in an exclusive three-day event starting today. So don’t miss this exciting moment where you will receive a special gift with any purchase. 

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The birth of Spring

Friday, March 18, 2016
Can you smell the fresh flowers and the lush green leaves? Spring is finally here. And the garden of Vionnet is where this season kicks off.

In this garden, a myriad of botanical flowers are left free to roam alongside streaming ivies, twirling with buoyant vivacity. Walls were painted baby blue and models frolicked in Vionnet’s dynamic pastels. What a way to set the mood.
“I wanted to bring about a new freshness and give our heritage a lighter spin,” explained Vionnet owner and creative director Goga Ashkenazi, who has been with the 105 year old house since Spring 2013. And that is exactly what Ashkenazi did; a creative narrative well-delivered.

Free-flowing drapes and fluid plissés – house signatures – were once again present. The plissés were featured heavily on dresses but it was the sporty daywear separates that really stood out. There was a plethora of loosely-draped tops that when tucked out and paired with straight-legged pants looked incredibly high fashion. That was deft styling at play, elongating the female figure to a lean and flattering one.
The bags and accessories this season were standouts too. Gold-plated “piercing” charm bracelets were great add-ons while leather appliqués that resembled blossoming flowers were delightful. Not to mention the sneakers, which have now become such prominent sights among the fashion elite. And can we talk about the bag that can be taken apart and worn multiple ways?
Trust Goga Ashkenazi to combine comfort, luxury, and Vionnet’s signature codes that give off high sophistication to anyone who wears them. Her trademark looks are almost always cut away from the body but Ashkenazi has artfully managed to make it look flattering still – and oh-so chic. The fabrics do not cling to your body but rather, they move as your body moves, allowing for a comfortable and breezy walk. And if you desire some form, wear the Vionnet “piercing” charm belt to cinch in the waist.
The house of Vionnet has been looking overwhelmingly exciting of late. And with high class, high fashion, and an acute eye for modernity, Ashkenazi has managed to make Vionnet one of the looks of the season. 

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Simple Forms
Perfect forms for a flattering fit

Wednesday, March 16, 2016
 Structured yet sublimely fluid, these simple forms will flatter your best bits. They are dependable pieces that place high importance on fit and cut. So ease into simplicity with the likes of Victoria Victoria Beckham, Ginette NY, Victoria Beckham, Theory, Casadei, and Sonia Rykiel.
  Black and white can never go wrong. And that's exactly what the monochrome cool school preaches. Take a cue from them and go with a white top and black pants combo or vice versa. For a seemingly simple silhouette with minimal colours, experiment with different shapes and forms to make your outfit pop. The best part? You have the fail-safe option of picking out strong-coloured bags and accessories for a delightful burst of colour!
Boxy on top and fitted at the bottom or the other way round, contrast and balance is a simple styling tip you need to know. Think a structured blouse paired with fitted jeans or a pencil skirt. And if you reverse this, a pair of culottes or palazzos matched with a form-fitting top. When the the silhouette is exaggerated, the new silhouette takes centre stage, decidedly covering up your less-than-flattering bits. Tone down on colours and let this high fashion silhouette shine!
The A-line silhouette is one of the most flattering silhouettes out there. It might even be your most favoured silhouette without you even knowing. This silhouette starts off as being fitted at the shoulders and gradually widens towards the hemline. This Victoria Victoria Beckham dress is a perfect example. The halter-neck draws the eye to your neckline and visually broadens your shoulders while that cinch at the waist gives shape to the dress. For added effect, throw over a fitted jacket and you'll be office and dinner-ready!

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