Fine Jewellery Essentials
Pristine pieces for an everyday sparkle

Tuesday, March 29, 2016
Wearing jewellery is a sure-fire way to elevate any outfit instantly. So take a cue and wear these fine jewellery essentials for an everyday sparkle like no other. Take your pick from the likes of Ginette NY, Maison Margiela, Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen, and Choices by DL.
Like a second skin, the naked necklace is fine, delicate, and elegant. Choose your favourite shade of gold and pair it with a simple pendant. This pendant should blend seamlessly into your outfits and be easily matched with other pieces of your collection. Layer it with other necklaces for a spruced up look or go solo with your preferred piece.

For an understated shimmer, go with a pavé diamond setting for just the right amount of aplomb. Now that that’s set, wear it for the entire week without taking it off!
The most precious of stones, diamonds will always have a special place in our hearts. Cut to perfection and with every millimetre measured, white diamonds represent the purest of them all. As a fine jewellery essential, choose an arrangement that is decidedly uncomplicated with a minimalist sparkle. Pair diamonds with a gemstone or embrace that divine white and gold combination.

Be it in a pavé setting or a precisely spaced out arrangement, wear these dazzling diamonds for a pristine everyday sparkle that is sure to elevate your daily outfits.
The everyday earring is not your average earring. Day or night, work or dinner, this flawless earring will take you through it all. Whether dressing up or down, the everyday earring shall be an easy match and a fixed accessory to your daily get-up.

The key here is to pick neutral-coloured gemstones like diamonds, rutile or rose quartz, or moonstones. Alternatively, go for pure gold earrings sans gemstones in a stylish shape like the Maison Margiela Twisted Hoop Earrings. With the everyday earring, you will have one less worry to fret about!
When you want nothing to distract eyes off your outfit, choose smart accessories to accent your outfit. Like the naked necklace and everyday earring, the bare bracelet is a perfect choice for this.

Nothing too loud or too fancy, these dainty bracelets add subtle sophistication to your look. Wear one alone or layer a few together for a well-stacked medley of fine gold threads. With such lovely and clean lines, you’ll be spoilt for choice. Just remember to keep it simple to make styling your wrist a breeze!

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