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Thursday, March 24, 2016
A persuasive story with a point of view. A visual narrative. Instagram is more than just images. It is more than a social platform. It is more than a tool of engagement. It is publicity to the savvy.

So what kind of story should we tell?

Instagram profiles are like walls of fame where only the best bits are showcased. These bits are weaved into a meticulous visual story akin to a storyboard of an epic film. And if you have more than 200 000 followers like Gianvito Rossi, this story matters all the more.
This story is inspiration to the viewer. Don’t we all crave inspiration? Don’t we all crave new and fresh ways to stimulate ideas for our wardrobes? These visual stories are exactly that. They are styling tips for the clueless. A shedding of light on how beautiful this product or brand actually is.
The beautiful editorial shots of Delfina Delettrez are glaring examples. The colours. The framing. The focus on a model’s face. That single orange topaz and diamond earring. All this coincides in an evocative stimulus that tugs at our heartstrings.
You click the “follow” button.
“Gorgeous collection!” “I’m in love!” These comments were found on Thakoon’s profile feed.
Curiosity is what piques our interest. It is the beginning. A blossoming of a love relationship with something that at once would have never been on our minds and hearts if we had not chanced upon a well-crafted visual story in images. A journey begins. You tag a friend or two. You can’t get it out of your head now. You’re in love.
These stories resonate with us. They are beautiful. And we all need that in our lives.
Then, there are the Instagrammers that we follow religiously. Their content and the brands that they parade are the epitome of aspirational imagery. They reveal to us a sense of fashion and style that we never knew. They are our guiding lights to the hottest products and brands. They are signs of approval that tells us that that works for us too. Sofia Sanchez de Betak (@chufy) and her M2Malletier bags come to mind.
The ones who are able to filter out the typical, are the ones who stay ahead of the pack.

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