Paula Cademartori
An Italian garden of delights

Friday, March 11, 2016
Made in Italy using only Italian-made materials, Paula Cademartori is a strong advocate of embodying a true Italian brand. Since debuting for Spring/Summer 2011, Paula Cademartori has now established her namesake brand as an in vogue bags and accessories label with instantly recognisable details. The magic happens right at the heart of Milan in a headquarters designed by Italian tastemakers, where a unique perspective of modernism personifies the brand.
Conventional modernism with a distinct slant. Colours with a composed twist. Fabrics and textures with a contrasting statement. With a background in industrial design and fashion accessories as well as a stint with Versace, Paula Cademartori has managed to combine her industry know-how and love for the seemingly unconventional into something not quite seen before in the industry.
Paula Cademartori’s designs are made as wearable works of art. Feminine shapes here and a pop of whimsical fun there result in enduring collections of statement-making bags and accessories. Two main collections – Heritage and Radical – cement this notion.
For Pre-Spring 2016, the Heritage collection explores a luxuriant secret garden where exotic birds and multi-coloured floral can be found. The imagery is vivid, captivating, and full of texture – courtesy of thread embroidery and suede inlays which are precision-cut and expertly sewed together. The Radical collection on the other hand, pays a subtle tribute to nature. Beautiful digital printed flowers on leather are juxtaposed against micro fringe edges. Such intricacies are an eloquent display of pure Italian craftsmanship and that is something we don’t see often.
Amidst the colourful displays lies an emblem, a metal buckle that exemplifies the artisanal brilliance of Paula Cademartori. This buckle is applied as key finishes to all her bags as well as her hot-of-the-rack shoe collection. It is a modern logo like a stamp of approval from Paula Cademartori herself that design ingenuity comes first and not mainstream conventionality. This is where Paula Cademartori makes her mark.

Kendall Jenner, Chiara Ferragni, Olivia Palermo, and Singapore’s very own Esther Quek have all in turn given their own stamps of approval to Paula Cademartori. With a bold stance in design, function, and detail at the core, one thing is for sure and that is Paula Cademartori’s star is on the rise.

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