The birth of Spring

Friday, March 18, 2016
Can you smell the fresh flowers and the lush green leaves? Spring is finally here. And the garden of Vionnet is where this season kicks off.

In this garden, a myriad of botanical flowers are left free to roam alongside streaming ivies, twirling with buoyant vivacity. Walls were painted baby blue and models frolicked in Vionnet’s dynamic pastels. What a way to set the mood.
“I wanted to bring about a new freshness and give our heritage a lighter spin,” explained Vionnet owner and creative director Goga Ashkenazi, who has been with the 105 year old house since Spring 2013. And that is exactly what Ashkenazi did; a creative narrative well-delivered.

Free-flowing drapes and fluid plissés – house signatures – were once again present. The plissés were featured heavily on dresses but it was the sporty daywear separates that really stood out. There was a plethora of loosely-draped tops that when tucked out and paired with straight-legged pants looked incredibly high fashion. That was deft styling at play, elongating the female figure to a lean and flattering one.
The bags and accessories this season were standouts too. Gold-plated “piercing” charm bracelets were great add-ons while leather appliqués that resembled blossoming flowers were delightful. Not to mention the sneakers, which have now become such prominent sights among the fashion elite. And can we talk about the bag that can be taken apart and worn multiple ways?
Trust Goga Ashkenazi to combine comfort, luxury, and Vionnet’s signature codes that give off high sophistication to anyone who wears them. Her trademark looks are almost always cut away from the body but Ashkenazi has artfully managed to make it look flattering still – and oh-so chic. The fabrics do not cling to your body but rather, they move as your body moves, allowing for a comfortable and breezy walk. And if you desire some form, wear the Vionnet “piercing” charm belt to cinch in the waist.
The house of Vionnet has been looking overwhelmingly exciting of late. And with high class, high fashion, and an acute eye for modernity, Ashkenazi has managed to make Vionnet one of the looks of the season. 

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