Yannis Sergakis Adornments
Fine jewellery for a discreet elegance

Monday, March 7, 2016

“Jewellery is too restrictive as a term,” explained Yannis Sergakis.

To Yannis Sergakis, adornments leave an impression of possibilities. Coming from a well-respected family of Greek diamond traders, Yannis Sergakis has lived amongst fine jewels and precious metals for most of his life. In 2004, he started collaborating with internationally renowned fine jewellery houses. Over thirty collections and a decade later, Sergakis would finally put his name to his designs.
Yannis Sergakis would choose gold and diamonds, two of the most valued materials in fine jewellery for his signature debut collection titled Commitment. Three lines of this collection were borne: Charnières, Crochets and Liens. Each with a slight distinction from the other. All three embodying the same alluring charm.
The message is clear as these three lines connect, Yannis Sergakis’ enchanting perspective of beauty, the connecting dot. And little dots of diamonds you will find.

The Charnières collection displays a rich elegance as clear as the clusters of pavé diamonds. From gold to gem, the curved lines flow seamlessly. It is an eloquence matched only by the Crochets collection.
A little edgy, a little sensual, the Crochets collection is no stranger to the dim lights of the night. Even with that, she glimmers ever so delicately as if waiting to be asked to dance. When the night settles to a calm, she calls upon the Liens collection. The symmetry here is astounding. Pure lines and an effortless innocence reflect a grace as impeccable as Ariane Labed, a Greek-born French actress and current face of Yannis Sergakis.
“She must carry it and not be carried by it,” said Yannis Sergakis.

As our eyes float through the Yannis Sergakis Adornments campaign imagery, we realise the powerful narrative embedded within. A beauty is evident in Ariane Labed, outwardly and innately that is strong yet delicate at the same time. When you wear a Yannis Sergakis, you just know what kind of woman you want to be.
That muted exasperation. That secret smile. Through the soft curls of brown hair, the immaculate eyelash curls, and finally to the Yannis Sergakis jewellery nestling on her ear lobes and fingers, she knows – she just knows – that everything is going to be beautiful for the fine adornments of Yannis Sergakis have discreetly secured that fate.

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