Fine Jewellery Alert
Micro trends to indulge in

Wednesday, April 27, 2016  
You may have stumbled unknowingly on some of these trends. But make no mistake, these micro trends are here to stay and can be worn all year round. Hey, so long as they look good on you right? So go on and indulge in the designs of Sophie Bille Brahe, Asherali Knopfer, Delfina Delettrez, Maison Margiela, Choices by DL, Ginette NY, Carolina Bucci, and Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen.
  Seen on the Celine, Louis Vuitton, and Dior runways, this trend is one that radiates the coolest of understated cool. On the other hand, the fine jewellery world is where these iconic and modernist styles shine. Look to Asherali Knopfer and Sophie Bille Brahe for a touch of minimal elegance or go bold but not loud with Delfina Delettrez. Pick one and wear one, it’s that simple – a simple statement that will keep you ahead of the style pack.
  This trend is no secret and is all the rage now. The open ring comes in a variety of styles because why do a traditional ring shape when the options are endless. From the intertwining curves of a Choices by DL twist ring and the delicate u-shaped bands of Delfina Delettrez’ piercing rings, we’ll be typing all day with these rings. If purity is what you seek, look no further than Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen’s graceful diamond-encrusted white gold rings. These rings are perfect craftsmanship at its best!
  When one is not enough, stack them up! Mix and match gemstones with different gold colours. Wear them on the same finger or spread these beauties across your fingers. Throw in an open ring or two and layer them to your desired aesthetic. The variety of this trend is what keeps it exciting. For the best effect, pair matching gemstone hues and complementary gold tones together and you will have an Instagram-worthy collage in good taste. When there are simply too many pieces that we love, wear them all together!
  Like a ring party, the arm party is no different. While you can wear a single bracelet if you’re feeling dainty, there are days when you feel like taking it up a notch. This calls for an arm party! For starters, pair different bracelets of varying thickness together. Next, give your party texture with a dash of silk or leather from Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen. If you’re going for a more sophisticated look, try Carolina Bucci’s bracelets in silk and gold that will definitely intrigue. The party stops when you say it stops!
Diamonds are forever and so is gold. There is always that one necklace, ring, earring or bracelet that will go with any outfit that we choose. These pieces are simple, contemporary and sans of any fancy coloured gemstones. On the contrary, they are the perfect matches to layer with more elaborate fine jewellery. These are your everyday pieces. They are the first pieces that you throw on when prepping an outfit. For days less inspired, go with these fine jewellery options and you’ll look polished and poised no matter the outfit.

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Robert Clergerie
Shoes to walk a thousand miles in

Monday, April 25, 2016
Robert Clergerie, a French shoe brand of forward-thinking designs, was founded in 1981. The House of Robert Clergerie however, dates back to the year 1895. It all started in a small town in the south of France where a shoe manufacturing facility stood.

From being the first house to introduce the Goodyear stitching technique –the most labour-intensive shoemaking method which makes a shoe the most durable– in 1905 to manufacturing shoes entirely made out of raffia in 1944, the House of Robert Clergerie would finally come into its own many years later when Robert Clergerie himself bought this facility in the 1970s and eventually launched his eponymous label. To this day, Robert Clergerie shoes are still being made in the same shoe manufacturing facility where history was made.
Every Robert Clergerie collection starts with a tour of the archives. A Robert Clergerie shoe has to carry the beauty of the women wearing them. A modern twist is then applied with a rousing dose of originality and an abundance of individuality. Robert Clergerie is no stranger to that. Throughout his storied years, Robert Clergerie has embodied a fresh approach with a strong technical know-how. Architectural metal heels, and the famous parallelogram heel which was so widely imitated that it became known as the Clergerie heel, were evident displays of Clergerie’s unique shoemaking mind.

Now with Roland Mouret at the helm, the house continues to showcase mastery in structure and silhouette with innovation and classic craftsmanship at the core. Having worked as creative director for Robert Clergerie’s campaigns in the 1980s, Roland Mouret is well-versed in the Robert Clergerie DNA and has now brought a new sensuality to its collections.
For Spring/Summer 2016, a strong character and a strong heel were on Mouret’s mind. Perfect forms displayed in signature Clergerie platform heel styles were fused with a myriad of textures while eclectic colours were generously doled out to welcome the new season.

Having creativity is one thing and having functionality is another. A Robert Clergerie shoe has both. Made for fashion and to be easy to walk in, a Robert Clergerie shoe is simple, chic, and a stylish beauty that has garnered quite a following from designers and celebrities alike. Christian Dior, Issey Miyake, and Carven to name a few, were runway show collaborators while Clergerie girls in their best off-duty outfits include Diane Kruger, Charlize Theron, Sienna Miller, and Scarlett Johansson.
Like a best friend, these are shoes that you can rely on. A Robert Clergerie shoe carries you – a Clergerie girl in the making.

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Style Personas
Style muses for the fashionista in you

Friday, April 22, 2016
We all have different styles. Some of us lean towards to classic, while sometimes we are a little minimalist, and then there is the eclectic, who is pretty much all of the above and fashion-forward at the same time. Whatever it is, these style personas act as inspiration to our very own. So go on and take cues from the likes of Theory, Casadei, Vionnet, Victoria Beckham, and Yannis Sergakis Adornments.
The classicist favours a timeless and contemporary wardrobe that transcends trends. She is ready for any occasion and always has the key essentials to pull off any look. Her understated style extends to her accessories and jewellery. Her outfits are well put together and polished and she’s often seen with an everyday earring, a signature ring, and a no-frills necklace. She knows exactly what she likes and what works for her, valuing quality over quantity. The question now is, do you?
The fashion-forward has the latest in everything. Most importantly, she knows what’s hot and what’s not. She follows trends and then sets her own, her keen eye in fashion leading her on. Her style is influenced by fashion glossies and the wealth of inspiration on Instagram. She constantly refreshes her look; staying ahead of the mainstream fashion pack her main motivation and well, because fashion is exciting. And like style influencer Chiara Ferragni who “never stops”, so does she.
Not to be confused with the classicist, the minimalist leans towards a more muted colour palette in clean and simple styles with a twist. By no means a lazy dresser, the minimalist looks for design details that intrigue like an asymmetric cut or a fluid silhouette. Her wardrobe of neutrals that are versatile and easy-to-wear makes putting an outfit together easy for her. And with that, her layering is always on point; comfort a key factor in her outfits.
Dresses paired with sneakers? Check. A statement bag in fiery red? Check. The eclectic is a fun-filled persona that constantly experiments with her wardrobe choices. Always on the lookout for interesting pieces, the eclectic is not afraid to express her vibrant character outwardly. Confident and creative, she embraces different fashion vibes according to her mood. She might even be a classicist, fashion-forward, and minimalist all at once – a true fashionista who does not conform.

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Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen
Discover their best performing acts

Wednesday, April 20, 2016
A trained goldsmith with a boarding card,
whose esteemed name is Ole Lynggaard.
He travelled the world,
and his imagination unfurled.
1963 to this very day,
collections abound with many interesting displays.
With an impeccable eye and a masterful class,
a circus of wonder, he will now access.
Enter the circus of Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen, the destination of the Lynggaard family’s 2016 offering. And just like a masterful circus act, Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen has set the bar as one of Scandinavia’s leading fine jewellery brands.
At the circus of Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen, only the best performing acts are kept as signatures. But even these signatures have to be revitalised every now and then. Under the guiding light of creative director Charlotte Lynggaard, a campaign was forged unlike any other. The latest designs from each Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen collection were introduced to the mesmerising circus life.
An elaborate montage of gems in richly harmonised colours leading the way. A bohemian circus queen – a muse of sorts – setting the tone. The spirit was kept decidedly modern but not without a nuanced reference to the old-fashioned travelling circus.
Like the hallmark of a fine performance, the trio of circus earrings, necklace, and bracelet in a satiable palette of honey amber and red coral among other pearly gems share equal status. Just as captivating are the lotus rings that are available in a multitude of expressive gemstones. And then we have the subtle statement in the form of a small star stud, which can be worn together with a pendant of your choice.
That is what makes Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen so exciting. The fine jewellery house literally has an elaborate lineup of designs like an all-star circus troupe. There is inevitably another pendant or charm, or a lotus ring in a new colour to add to your collection as the Lynggaard family has to theirs. From moonstones, aquamarines, rutile quartz, and corals, Mother Nature has certainly blessed the Lynggaard family.
And now, the circus of Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen is here to bless you. For three days only starting today, experience the intricate artistry of Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen’s latest offering and take home a piece of enthralling beauty.

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A cult street style star

Monday, April 18, 2016 Some trends stick around for many years to come. The same goes for brands that stamp innovation that is explicit for all to see on each of their products. Enter M2Malletier – a handbag brand that sets trends instead of following them.

M2Malletier does not need a narrative but they do in fact have an interesting one. Columbian-born design duo Melissa Losada and Marcela Velez met while studying in Parsons School of Design where they sought to create a progressive handbag design that would be as much a collector’s item as it would be a practical everyday piece.

They took inspiration from armour of the Middle Ages, set up a castle-like studio that was converted from a 19th century cement factory, and paid homage to Vicomtesse Marie-Laure de Noailles, a 20th century patron of the arts. This old world had unwittingly informed the definitive design of a M2Malletier handbag.

A cult street style star among celebrities and fashion editors was borne there and then.
The starting point of this spectacular product is the deviation of the traditional top handle of a bag. The “needle” top handle, as it is affectionately called, became the hallmark of the M2Malletier brand. Crafted in lightweight brass hardware in silver or gold, the “needle” was a sight to behold. Style icons like Miroslava Duma, Emma Stone, Caroline Issa, and even Queen Rania of Jordan carried them like weapons in a fashion squad.

These weapons have fancy names too. The five that started it all – La Collectionneuse, La Fleur du Mal, Amor Fati, Fabricca, and Memento Mori – have remained collection mainstays to this day.  The shapes of these handbags though, are the more prominent of the two. Expressed in bold structural lines with provoking contrasts, these inimitable bags speak of a discreet opulence, luxurious subtlety, and understated glamour.

These evocative images inspire a dreamscape with new creative terrain where colour and forms burst into a beautiful melody of perfection. This is M2Malletier. There are two ways to dress an M2Malletier bag. The street style code calls for the cool metal of “the needle” to be felt with your bare fingers, sans the detachable shoulder straps. As you trace the clean lines of the bag to your arm silhouette, know that this bag is the centrepiece of your outfit. Likewise, carry it with the shoulder straps for an off-the-mainstream casual-chic alternative.

An M2Malletier bag shall be the focal point that pays esteemed compliments to your overall look. Let Nicole Warne of Gary Pepper Girl and her fashion squad lead the way. If something works, stick with it. And with M2Malletier, it will surely stick around for a while.

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