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Wednesday, April 27, 2016  
You may have stumbled unknowingly on some of these trends. But make no mistake, these micro trends are here to stay and can be worn all year round. Hey, so long as they look good on you right? So go on and indulge in the designs of Sophie Bille Brahe, Asherali Knopfer, Delfina Delettrez, Maison Margiela, Choices by DL, Ginette NY, Carolina Bucci, and Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen.
  Seen on the Celine, Louis Vuitton, and Dior runways, this trend is one that radiates the coolest of understated cool. On the other hand, the fine jewellery world is where these iconic and modernist styles shine. Look to Asherali Knopfer and Sophie Bille Brahe for a touch of minimal elegance or go bold but not loud with Delfina Delettrez. Pick one and wear one, it’s that simple – a simple statement that will keep you ahead of the style pack.
  This trend is no secret and is all the rage now. The open ring comes in a variety of styles because why do a traditional ring shape when the options are endless. From the intertwining curves of a Choices by DL twist ring and the delicate u-shaped bands of Delfina Delettrez’ piercing rings, we’ll be typing all day with these rings. If purity is what you seek, look no further than Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen’s graceful diamond-encrusted white gold rings. These rings are perfect craftsmanship at its best!
  When one is not enough, stack them up! Mix and match gemstones with different gold colours. Wear them on the same finger or spread these beauties across your fingers. Throw in an open ring or two and layer them to your desired aesthetic. The variety of this trend is what keeps it exciting. For the best effect, pair matching gemstone hues and complementary gold tones together and you will have an Instagram-worthy collage in good taste. When there are simply too many pieces that we love, wear them all together!
  Like a ring party, the arm party is no different. While you can wear a single bracelet if you’re feeling dainty, there are days when you feel like taking it up a notch. This calls for an arm party! For starters, pair different bracelets of varying thickness together. Next, give your party texture with a dash of silk or leather from Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen. If you’re going for a more sophisticated look, try Carolina Bucci’s bracelets in silk and gold that will definitely intrigue. The party stops when you say it stops!
Diamonds are forever and so is gold. There is always that one necklace, ring, earring or bracelet that will go with any outfit that we choose. These pieces are simple, contemporary and sans of any fancy coloured gemstones. On the contrary, they are the perfect matches to layer with more elaborate fine jewellery. These are your everyday pieces. They are the first pieces that you throw on when prepping an outfit. For days less inspired, go with these fine jewellery options and you’ll look polished and poised no matter the outfit.

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