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All that glitters is gold

Friday, April 8, 2016

 All that glitters is indeed gold – and we are obsessed! Go for gold with Vita Fede, Choices by DL, Gianvito Rossi, Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen, Herve Van Der Straeten, Maison Margiela, Rene Caovilla, and Ginette NY. We promise you won't be disappointed!
What matches with gold, you ask? Well, everything does! You don’t need coloured gemstones set in yellow or rose gold to tell you that. For an alternative spin, give gold a twist with black adornments. This combination is strong, intense, and striking as two contrasting colours combine for maximum impact. From black diamonds and onyx to hematite and black ceramic, give diversity to your jewellery collection with taste of a black.
Like how gold in jewellery works, a pair of gold heels is just as easy to match. If you are one without reservation, pick a completely gold heel in a simple silhouette like this Gianvito Rossi pointed toe pumps. Alternatively, play it cool with an on-trend gold block heel or a sandal with shimmering details that will perk you up every time you look down. These styles will instantly spice up any outfit from the feet up!
When presented with gold, sculpt it! At least that’s what these designers thought. Handcrafted and fashioned into architectural works of art, make no mistake that these pieces are the result of skilled craftsmanship and innovative design. Wear gold as it is for a change but break away from conventional shapes with Herve Van Der Straeten and Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen. Venture into the unexpected with raw gold and all its glory.
If sculpted gold does not fancy you, maybe simple threads of gold will. Follow the clean lines of these fine jewellery pieces and be mesmerised at how dainty they sit on your wrists and fingers. With threads these fine and graceful, they could be your everyday companions to desk and then to dinner. And when the occasion calls for it, turn this style up a notch and pair a few at once!

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