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Monday, April 18, 2016

http://www.laprendo.com/SG/m2malletierstyle.html?utm_source=Blog&utm_medium=Website&utm_content=m2malletier+style&utm_campaign=18+Apr+2016 Some trends stick around for many years to come. The same goes for brands that stamp innovation that is explicit for all to see on each of their products. Enter M2Malletier – a handbag brand that sets trends instead of following them.

M2Malletier does not need a narrative but they do in fact have an interesting one. Columbian-born design duo Melissa Losada and Marcela Velez met while studying in Parsons School of Design where they sought to create a progressive handbag design that would be as much a collector’s item as it would be a practical everyday piece.

They took inspiration from armour of the Middle Ages, set up a castle-like studio that was converted from a 19th century cement factory, and paid homage to Vicomtesse Marie-Laure de Noailles, a 20th century patron of the arts. This old world had unwittingly informed the definitive design of a M2Malletier handbag.

A cult street style star among celebrities and fashion editors was borne there and then.
The starting point of this spectacular product is the deviation of the traditional top handle of a bag. The “needle” top handle, as it is affectionately called, became the hallmark of the M2Malletier brand. Crafted in lightweight brass hardware in silver or gold, the “needle” was a sight to behold. Style icons like Miroslava Duma, Emma Stone, Caroline Issa, and even Queen Rania of Jordan carried them like weapons in a fashion squad.

These weapons have fancy names too. The five that started it all – La Collectionneuse, La Fleur du Mal, Amor Fati, Fabricca, and Memento Mori – have remained collection mainstays to this day.  The shapes of these handbags though, are the more prominent of the two. Expressed in bold structural lines with provoking contrasts, these inimitable bags speak of a discreet opulence, luxurious subtlety, and understated glamour.

These evocative images inspire a dreamscape with new creative terrain where colour and forms burst into a beautiful melody of perfection. This is M2Malletier.
http://www.laprendo.com/SG/m2malletierstyle.html?utm_source=Blog&utm_medium=Website&utm_content=m2malletier+style&utm_campaign=18+Apr+2016 There are two ways to dress an M2Malletier bag. The street style code calls for the cool metal of “the needle” to be felt with your bare fingers, sans the detachable shoulder straps. As you trace the clean lines of the bag to your arm silhouette, know that this bag is the centrepiece of your outfit. Likewise, carry it with the shoulder straps for an off-the-mainstream casual-chic alternative.

An M2Malletier bag shall be the focal point that pays esteemed compliments to your overall look. Let Nicole Warne of Gary Pepper Girl and her fashion squad lead the way. If something works, stick with it. And with M2Malletier, it will surely stick around for a while.

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