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Wednesday, April 20, 2016

A trained goldsmith with a boarding card,
whose esteemed name is Ole Lynggaard.
He travelled the world,
and his imagination unfurled.
1963 to this very day,
collections abound with many interesting displays.
With an impeccable eye and a masterful class,
a circus of wonder, he will now access.
Enter the circus of Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen, the destination of the Lynggaard family’s 2016 offering. And just like a masterful circus act, Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen has set the bar as one of Scandinavia’s leading fine jewellery brands.
At the circus of Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen, only the best performing acts are kept as signatures. But even these signatures have to be revitalised every now and then. Under the guiding light of creative director Charlotte Lynggaard, a campaign was forged unlike any other. The latest designs from each Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen collection were introduced to the mesmerising circus life.
An elaborate montage of gems in richly harmonised colours leading the way. A bohemian circus queen – a muse of sorts – setting the tone. The spirit was kept decidedly modern but not without a nuanced reference to the old-fashioned travelling circus.
Like the hallmark of a fine performance, the trio of circus earrings, necklace, and bracelet in a satiable palette of honey amber and red coral among other pearly gems share equal status. Just as captivating are the lotus rings that are available in a multitude of expressive gemstones. And then we have the subtle statement in the form of a small star stud, which can be worn together with a pendant of your choice.
That is what makes Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen so exciting. The fine jewellery house literally has an elaborate lineup of designs like an all-star circus troupe. There is inevitably another pendant or charm, or a lotus ring in a new colour to add to your collection as the Lynggaard family has to theirs. From moonstones, aquamarines, rutile quartz, and corals, Mother Nature has certainly blessed the Lynggaard family.
And now, the circus of Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen is here to bless you. For three days only starting today, experience the intricate artistry of Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen’s latest offering and take home a piece of enthralling beauty.

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