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Monday, April 25, 2016
Robert Clergerie, a French shoe brand of forward-thinking designs, was founded in 1981. The House of Robert Clergerie however, dates back to the year 1895. It all started in a small town in the south of France where a shoe manufacturing facility stood.

From being the first house to introduce the Goodyear stitching technique –the most labour-intensive shoemaking method which makes a shoe the most durable– in 1905 to manufacturing shoes entirely made out of raffia in 1944, the House of Robert Clergerie would finally come into its own many years later when Robert Clergerie himself bought this facility in the 1970s and eventually launched his eponymous label. To this day, Robert Clergerie shoes are still being made in the same shoe manufacturing facility where history was made.
Every Robert Clergerie collection starts with a tour of the archives. A Robert Clergerie shoe has to carry the beauty of the women wearing them. A modern twist is then applied with a rousing dose of originality and an abundance of individuality. Robert Clergerie is no stranger to that. Throughout his storied years, Robert Clergerie has embodied a fresh approach with a strong technical know-how. Architectural metal heels, and the famous parallelogram heel which was so widely imitated that it became known as the Clergerie heel, were evident displays of Clergerie’s unique shoemaking mind.

Now with Roland Mouret at the helm, the house continues to showcase mastery in structure and silhouette with innovation and classic craftsmanship at the core. Having worked as creative director for Robert Clergerie’s campaigns in the 1980s, Roland Mouret is well-versed in the Robert Clergerie DNA and has now brought a new sensuality to its collections.
For Spring/Summer 2016, a strong character and a strong heel were on Mouret’s mind. Perfect forms displayed in signature Clergerie platform heel styles were fused with a myriad of textures while eclectic colours were generously doled out to welcome the new season.

Having creativity is one thing and having functionality is another. A Robert Clergerie shoe has both. Made for fashion and to be easy to walk in, a Robert Clergerie shoe is simple, chic, and a stylish beauty that has garnered quite a following from designers and celebrities alike. Christian Dior, Issey Miyake, and Carven to name a few, were runway show collaborators while Clergerie girls in their best off-duty outfits include Diane Kruger, Charlize Theron, Sienna Miller, and Scarlett Johansson.
Like a best friend, these are shoes that you can rely on. A Robert Clergerie shoe carries you – a Clergerie girl in the making.

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