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Friday, April 22, 2016
We all have different styles. Some of us lean towards to classic, while sometimes we are a little minimalist, and then there is the eclectic, who is pretty much all of the above and fashion-forward at the same time. Whatever it is, these style personas act as inspiration to our very own. So go on and take cues from the likes of Theory, Casadei, Vionnet, Victoria Beckham, and Yannis Sergakis Adornments.
The classicist favours a timeless and contemporary wardrobe that transcends trends. She is ready for any occasion and always has the key essentials to pull off any look. Her understated style extends to her accessories and jewellery. Her outfits are well put together and polished and she’s often seen with an everyday earring, a signature ring, and a no-frills necklace. She knows exactly what she likes and what works for her, valuing quality over quantity. The question now is, do you?
The fashion-forward has the latest in everything. Most importantly, she knows what’s hot and what’s not. She follows trends and then sets her own, her keen eye in fashion leading her on. Her style is influenced by fashion glossies and the wealth of inspiration on Instagram. She constantly refreshes her look; staying ahead of the mainstream fashion pack her main motivation and well, because fashion is exciting. And like style influencer Chiara Ferragni who “never stops”, so does she.
Not to be confused with the classicist, the minimalist leans towards a more muted colour palette in clean and simple styles with a twist. By no means a lazy dresser, the minimalist looks for design details that intrigue like an asymmetric cut or a fluid silhouette. Her wardrobe of neutrals that are versatile and easy-to-wear makes putting an outfit together easy for her. And with that, her layering is always on point; comfort a key factor in her outfits.
Dresses paired with sneakers? Check. A statement bag in fiery red? Check. The eclectic is a fun-filled persona that constantly experiments with her wardrobe choices. Always on the lookout for interesting pieces, the eclectic is not afraid to express her vibrant character outwardly. Confident and creative, she embraces different fashion vibes according to her mood. She might even be a classicist, fashion-forward, and minimalist all at once – a true fashionista who does not conform.

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