Ginette NY
Make a quiet and elegant statement

Tuesday, May 10, 2016
The Ginette NY woman is poetic and effortless in everything. From the clothes that she wears to the life that she lives. Her jewellery is delicate, barely there, and uncomplicated all at the same time. They are tiny yet luxurious and never too cluttered even when layered.
We often talk about everyday pieces, pieces that have high mileages in your weekly outfit rotations. Ginette NY is an ideal of all of that. Never compromising on quality and craftsmanship despite its refined structures, Ginette NY knows exactly what kind of jewellery suits her women. And they are fine jewellery to make a quiet and elegant statement for any occasion you can dream of.
Ginette NY’s jewellery designs are for you to admire up close. Each design feels almost like a fine silk lace draping over your skin. A touch so soft that you can hardly tell that it is even there. And then unexpectedly, a teal turquoise, blue lapis, and reddish-brown jasper become part of the equation. Vivid as they may seem, the colours lend a new harmonious twist to the original canvas. And even then, they are as subtle as they can get.
As Guillaume Paturel, whose artwork inspired this collection, so cleverly pointed out, “Like cities, my paintings are never completed, they have a beginning but not an end. They represent a work in progress, always waiting for new scenes to be added and new characters to move in.”
Everyone can be a Ginette NY woman. Or rather, there is a Ginette NY woman in every one of us. How apt is it then that Ginette NY is actually named after an old French name? That, together with today’s modern aesthetics, is ultimately what Ginette NY personifies, a discreet beauty for the modern woman. How beautiful is that?

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