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Tuesday, August 16, 2016
We’ve often heard of stories where a leading character discovers an unlikely wonder, falls in love with it, and the rest is often history. Morganne Bello is one such character.

Hailing from France, Morganne Bello ventured to Brazil where she discovered the world of gemstones and fell in love with it. In 2004, Morganne Bello would launch her eponymous jewellery label in Paris and has remained a true Parisian jewellery house to this day.
 At first glance, Morganne Bello gives off a youthful energy. You could call it feminine or even romantic. Each design is as delicate as it looks. Fragile as it may seen but when worn, the favoured single stone 18k gold setting, which is sometimes dotted with diamonds, becomes exponentially more beautiful against the hues of your skin.

And when 9 clover-shaped gems come together in a single gold chain like this long necklace laden with labradorites, the effect is impressively beautiful. The best part yet? These gems are set and strung in the most amazing fashion.
You see, these gems are cut and not truly set in a traditional form, allowing the very generously-sized stone to be the main focus of every piece. It’s almost as if the stone is floating in midair. This, itself, is a Morganne Bello signature. A signature that breaks tradition. A signature that liberates the gem. And it is fresh.
At Morganne Bello, sometimes it is all about the emotions a given gem gives off. A backstory is often told and believe us, there are quite a bit of those. And that’s why Morganne Bello has an impressive selection of more than 20 gems to choose from.

If you are the type that are into horoscopes and the like, then Morganne Bello’s story would definitely appeal to you. Or if you’re like us, who are interested in pretty little things, then well, Morganne Bello is for you as well.
A Morganne Bello design is like a little perk-me-up that is faceted, simply set, and mesmerising to look at. And perhaps, this little luxury is what you deserve right now.

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