Robert Clergerie Fall/Winter 2016/17
Shoes that will take you to new heights

Monday, August 22, 2016
We’ve talked about how a Robert Clergerie carries you. And quite literally, if you wear one of the brand’s iconic flatforms (the Frazzia), you’ll be well over 2.5 inches above the ground. Speaking of which, Robert Clergerie is now back with a new collection for Fall/Winter 2016/17.
You need only a brief look back at history to tell you how much of a trendsetter the Robert Clergerie brand is. The eponymous designer is, of course, one of the most influential shoe designers of his time. And now with cutting-edge designer Roland Mouret as creative director – a role he has held since 2012, Robert Clergerie shows no signs of toning down its trend-setting ways.
If you know Robert Clergerie, you would know that innovative heels are a huge part of the brand’s identity. This season the Clergerie heel gets an upgrade and we’re loving it.

Even with the most basic pump silhouette, the infusion of a slight architectural slant – as seen in the Quoli pump, or even a flatter heel – as seen in the Aro pump, can do wonders to make a simple pump that much more special. A special construction, the Robert Clergerie team calls it. Or as Robert Clergerie himself once said, “the stronger the idea, the simpler the design.” Simply put, it’s simple and chic.
This collection also sees the iconic Dylan wedge heel getting quite a bit of prestige in the form of the Tessy pump and the Daisy sandal. Part wedge, part block heel, we call it. An intrigue exclusive only to Robert Clergerie. A fascination to those who adore creativity. And we all do. 

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